Chemistry Coding Reflection

My most recent project in scimatics was called Chemistry Coding, in the project we learned about the Kinetic Molecular Theory and the Atomic Theory to code a game or simulator about it. The driving question for this project was “How can the behaviour of matter be explained by the kinetic molecular theory and atomic theory?” The very first thing I actually did in this project was what we normally do first which is make a project start mind map about what I know and questions I had which you can see here.

Going back to look at that I can definitely answer all the questions I had put on there and I even learned some extra things like some coding and that there are 5 different theories with models about atoms.

The 3 Curricular Competencies for this project are Questioning and Predicting, Scientific Communication, and Reasoning and Analyzing. For the first Competency I was sick for a lot of this project so I wasn’t in class that much I was working from home but I still think I could have used my time when I was working a bit better. I found that I got distracted at home sometimes with my cat or doing other stuff but that was only sometimes so I think I did ok with using my time. For the second competency I did add my own drawing of the nuclear model by Ernest Rutherford and the point of the simulator I made was to show the 3 different states of matter and how the atoms move around. I think i did good with this part by including these things although I don’t think I exceeded what I was supposed to do. For the final Competency looking at the rubric I did code a matter simulator in scratch with good instructions on how to play it and an extra note in the game so you don’t mess something up to make it not work how it should so I think I was proficient with that but again not exceeding.

This was an individual project so I don’t have anyone to link but you can always check out everyone else’s if you want and also if you want to see my finished simulator you can right here:

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