Consequences of colonization

Consequences of colonization 

For this project there was three keystones. Each keystone focused on a different part of colonization. We did these keystones to answer the question “what did colonization mean for all involved?” 

For keystone 1 we had to wright an art chart describing what we knew just by looking at the image we chose for the project. The image I chose was a drawing by C.W. Jeffries called The relief at Fort Vercheres. 

For keystone 2 we had to reinterpret the drawing we chose from a different point of view (that point of view being the first nations point of view.) I reinterpreted mine to have a pile of iriquoi body’s to show that the people at Fort Vercheres were actually the bad guys and not the good ones.

Keystone 3 we made a AR video (augmented reality) using the original drawing beside the reinterpreted drawing and explaining the difference. Over all I think it was a very fun project and i hope to do something like it again.

Mind over matter.

For this project we focused on matter. We learned about atoms and forms of matter. Our first keystone we learned about qualitative and quantitative observations and mass. For the keystone one project we picked a random object in the class and had to find its mass, density, and volume. As well as those three things we had to write three qualitative properties of it. That was fun because we never actually said what the object was and Ms. Kadi had to guess. For the second keystone we learned about the changes of states of matter. The assignment for keystone two was gummy bear diffusion, we had to come up with a question involving leaving gummy bears overnight in a liquid and the gummy bears absorbing that liquid. Our question was does the amount of water affect the size the gummy bears grow to? Short answer is it does not. The final project was making a video game based on what we learned this unit. In my game you are a glass of water and you want to stay as a glass of water by avoiding the snow witch would turn you into a solid and game over and by avoiding the fire witch would turn you into a gas and game over. This was a fun project and so far I’m enjoying science 8

link to the game ->

Mpol 2022/23

We are now halfway through the school year! How exiting! Now all of the PLP program has to do their MPOL (mid-year presentation of learning.) The MPOL is focused on reflecting on your first terms work and seeing how I can improve for next term and grow as a learner. 

The first term went pretty well and I think most of the grade adjusted to high school decently. It’s certainly a different experience than elementary school especially PLP because we do things different than the mainstream students and teachers. I picked a few projects that needed some work and a few that I think went pretty good and I will be showing them to you on this post. 

This is my blog and it has been a project that I have been working on since the start of the school year and I will post on it until I finish high school. There were a few posts that I think showcases me well as a learner and some that were not my best work. On my blogs homepage there are two other pages you can go to. One is labeled geek out and the other is labeled about me. 

I think both these pages are what they were supposed to be and showcase my learning, although I think I could’ve done better on my about me page because it is very basic and not to exiting to read. Going into the second term I plan to make my blog post more exiting to read and intriguing because my previous posts have completed the criteria they were bland for the most part. One of the posts that I enjoyed writing and I think other people would enjoy reading is my making interesting images post.

This is the link to making interesting images.

The next project I’m going to tell you about is actually a smaller part of a big project. The outsiders was one of the first projects that we did and I believe we started it in late September. I did complete the majority of the project as it was supposed to be done but there was a role card for the reading part that I know I could’ve done better on.  

 rushed this specific task and it just ended up looking that way. 

Power play. Power play was one of the more recent projects that I did and I think it was a good representation of well done work. Power play was a project that did learning about the feudal system and the order of power back in those days. It was very interesting to learn about how people lived so long ago. I’m very proud of this project and I think it is some of my best work so far. Since humanities is two subjects (socials and english) I have it this term and next term so I’m wondering if we will do something similar, I don’t mean a similar project in the way of the content that we will be learning but I mean it in the way of the style of project. 

Here is the slideshow. IMG_0883

The follow up to the power play project was the crusades project which we finished right before winter break. I’m just going to straight up say it, it was definitely not my 100% best. It met the criteria but I know I could’ve done so much more. I look back and I can see places were even the smallest change could’ve helped so much. I thought I was trying my best at the time but even a few weeks later I know how much better I could make it. 

The user manual. The user manual was a project that I did simultaneously to the big life journal project and I enjoyed creating the user manual. The user manual was the first project I did in my class called maker. It was a great introduction project to get us all exited about the rest of the school year, or at least the term because unlike humanities it does not continue into semester two. The project was only a few days but it might be the most fun project yet. In the post I did about it I say that it was a great way to learn about yourself and while I was not wrong I think the best way to do that is compare your work today to your old work and you can see how you are changing.

I’m looking forward for lots next semester, especially science. I don’t particularly know lots about science but I’m exited to see what I can learn and do in science class. I’m looking forward to having humanities last block so I have time to wakeup before class and its not the first thing I do In the morning. I do love what my class schedule is like right now but it will be fun to have a change.

Well that concludes my MPOL and I hope you had as much fun reading as I did writing 

Radical innovations

This is how ideas from Europe and Asia changed the world.

New ideas in the renaissance changed the renaissance world. There were new medical innovations such as hospitals and surgery. There were people getting taught to be doctors and public healthcare became a thing. These innovations led to longer lives and medicine so people could survive early diseases.There were different kinds of innovations as well, such as the mechanical clock. The clock had weights inside of it that descended as time past this would turn the clock to show what time it was. The clock let people schedule things and helped society become more organized. One more innovation that helped majorly in the renaissance was the lense. Since the lenses first creation it had evolved into may different forms, eye glasses being one of those forms. Eye glasses were used to improve vision and prevent strain on eyes from trying to see things you couldn’t. There were other forms of lenses like a telescopes which helped see things from a distance. 

What did the traditional ideas in the renaissance do? Before the clock there was a sun dial. The sun dial was a disc with a triangle on top. When the sun shined on it the shadow would lineup with the time it was supposed to be. Sun dials were inacurate and having yours on a slight angle or a different elevation then someone else’s wouldn’t let it show the same time. The sun dial was good for a little while but time telling could evolve a lot past it. Before the renaissance most forms of lenses did not exist but the ones that did were very very basic magnification tools. The innovators at the time were looking at ways to shrink the lense so that it could be used to improve eyesight. In the end they made early forms of spectacles which were too thick to be convenient and made things blurry. 

How do the ideas from the renaissance effect my world today? Without the original clocks there would be no digital clocks. Digital clocks have evolved into setting alarms for you, speaking the time outloud for you, and even charging your devices, those are all neat little things but the main purpose is still to tell time which they do quite effectively. I personally am not affected by any vision impairments or ailments but the modern day glasses help 64% of people worldwide perform tasks that people need to see for such as driving, reading or even their jobs. Without lenses we would not have the science of astronomy which could prove quite useful if we need to find a new habitable planet once we corrupt earth. Without the first 30 volumes of medical textbooks or the first public healthcare we would not have the treatments and medicines that we have now. Our new medical innovations help save millions and millions of lives, probably billions. Without our covid vaccines many elderly citizens or infants might not have made it through the past three years of hell that the population has been through. These innovations did not only change the modern world but the years to come. 

Without any of our time telling devices we would be majorly unorganized, the innovations that they made in the renaissance changed their world back then but they have also changed our worlds today. Just this morning I used my alarm clock to wake-up in time for school and I know millions if not a few billion use their alarm clock for their everyday tasks as well. Without the first lense we would not have the optical advancements we have today. If you had or have a seeing impairment then glasses help you in your every day life. Many simple tasks that must be competed daily all require vision, with prescriptions this issue is temporarily solved. If you do not want your vision to deteriorate then inevitably you will need laser eye surgery otherwise know as cataracts (they call it that if your above 60.) I’m not going to dive any deeper into glasses but the message I’m trying to get across is that most of the world uses lenses daily. They also use lenses in such things as a microscope or cell phone. In the end lenses proves to be a very commonly used renaissance innovation. The medical text books taught the first waves of doctors which eveolved into the teachers at medical education institutions. These schools teach the people that provide us with lifesaving treatments and medications. Chemotherapy to help beat cancer was derived from something from one of the original textbooks (no the textbook didn’t mention cancer or chemo in it) but the idea came from it. The original hospitals became the massive buildings you go where you break an arm or can’t breath. Back in the renaissance hospitals were much more distant from each other and instant medical attention was not an option. These innovations from the renaissance have altered the course of history and will continue to. 

The innovations of the renaissance changed its time for the good. Their inventions have been used for hundreds of years now and I don’t think that’s going to stop soon.

That is my triptych. Our project was based around figuring out what ideas that came from the renaissance had the most impact. During this project I learned a lot of history about where the things I use daily came from. As well as learning world history I also learned a few new technology skills including a app called superimposed.X

my sources were, my brain, Wikipedia,  and the grade 8 socials textbook.

My drawing book

My drawing book. This was the most rescan project from Maker 8 and it was pretty fun. This book showcases all the skills I learned on sketches pro and it might even help you if you have the app. The project only took about a week but we did one drawing a day so there is a few in the book. The app that was used to create the book is called book creator and I think its something like 3 dollars off the App Store if you want it. Anyways that’s the project, see you soon.

Reflecting on power play.

Hi! A little while ago Humanities 8 did a project called Power Play. This is my reflection blog post. 

About the project:

This project was about the feudal system that was used in medieval times. The feudal system was what was used instead of currency but it was also the order of power. The classes projects were going to be sent to the English class of one of my teacher’s friends. It was a fun project that had another project included in it.

The other less prioritized project that followed was the crusades. It was about the nine wars that were fought between the muslims and the Christian’s over the holy land, mainly the holy city of Jerusalem. There wasn’t a specific blog post for the crusades reflection so I thought I would include it in this one. 

The reflection, Good vs. Bad: 

For power play we made a slideshow showing the different elements of the feudal system. I think that slideshow was very well made and met all the standards that it was required to. The presentation was good, the photos and drawings were good, and the content was displayed in a way that everyone could understand it. It was a useful learning resource and thats what it was intended to be. Although I am proud of the work I wonder if I could’ve fit more information in. 

The crusades slideshow was into meant to be a learning resource and was just for the eyes of the class and teacher. Even though the slide show showed an accomplished understanding of the material we were learning I know I could’ve done better with the layout and information provided by the slide show.

In the end it was a fun project that i think went on for a little to long but I did enjoy it.



The winter Exhibition 2022

Creating my box. 

When I first heard about the project I had a few ideas that would work in a box. After drawing each one out I chose the one that worked the best. At first I didn’t love the project idea, after having my teachers re-explain it I thought it might be fun. Making the box wasn’t extremely difficult but it was very time consuming. I burnt my hand a lot with the hot glue gun and it hurt. My box turned out pretty great in my opinion and it was fun to present, overall the box making was pretty fun. 

The Winter Exhibition.

The morning of the exhibition was a bit difficult because we had to edit our decorations as well as changing the room name and our outfits. The exhibition itself was really fun because we got to present our box’s and see other peoples presentations, leading up to the exhibition was stressful though because everyone in our group was very limited when it came to the supplies. Another thing that was not to fun is that we didn’t get to talk to the grade 10s and 12s that were in our rooms until the day of. In the end it all worked out and I had a good time. 

Making interesting images.

How can I use images to communicate through technology?

For communicating something like an emotion you could set the mood with a certain location, lighting, filter, or prop. Taking photos is a form of art that anyone can do. Your photo will not always be the way you like but none the less its still art. Sometimes photos have deeper meanings then just a photo of some garbage blowing in the wind or a photo of a mountain. I can clearly show a meaning of something or an emotion just with the editing tools that are built in to your phone and/or iPad. 

Three useful skills I learned.

  1. Exposure. Adjusting the amount of light let into the camera can make things look a lot more defined, dar, or light. Its very useful for mood shots. 
  2. Markup. Markup is a fun and easy tool to draw on your photos. My favourite thing to do is give faces to inanimate objects. 
  3. Filters. With filters you can completely change the photo. There are not many good options but its still a good tool.

Making interesting images slideshow. IMG_0436

Becoming a PLP learner.

Who am I as a PLP learner? 

Well, the both of us are about to find out. 


My user manual. 

At the beginning of this project I thought it was a bit strange but I turned out to enjoy it. While creating my user manual I got to explore and try out different things on the app pages. Like most of the apps when we first started pages was unfamiliar to me, but after a few trial and errors I got the basics down. 

Another thing about the user manual is getting to know your self better. I know it sounds strange but sometimes you get that moment of realization and just go “I didn’t know I could do that. 


WordPack is one of the assignments I enjoyed because of how professional it ends up looking. Just like the user manual the WordPack helped us learn a bit about our selves. It was the first project where we really got to show who we are. It was fun and creative and overall a awesome project.

My laptop Memoji. 

The laptop Memoji was fun and easy to make and it showed the developing ability’s to use keynote. In this we were able to show off what kinds of things we like and our personality’s. It was a fun and creative way to display my interests. It was simple and didn’t take much time but I still liked it.