Humanities Reflection

During Humanities we talked about the Middle Ages. We talked about the Dark ages and how the power impacted peoples lives. We also talked about the Crusades. 

The Middle Ages and the Crusades projects relate to the driving question which was: “How did the quest for power impact peoples lives”  My answer to this is that the quest for power destroyed people and the cities. It affected everyone even the people who had power and were wanting more. I came to this conclusion from evaluating the knowledge I have learned. One reason is that In the Middle Ages the Church had power over everyone and it was miserable because there were so many wars between the nobles. Another reason why it ruined everyone’s lives was because the peasants were treated horribly and had no life. The quest for power between the Christian’s and the Muslims lasted over 200 years with 9 wars where so many people died. They even had a children’s war which was the most horrendous and selfish war. In conclusion my answer to the driving question is that the quest for power ruined and destroyed everyday life in the Middle Ages. 

In terms of the actual projects or keynotes that I made I think I did really good. I think that I made a well organized, knowledgeable, and good looking slideshow for the Middle Ages project. Something that I can work on in the future is taking notes. It can help if I take notes so that I can just refer to those instead of going through the road map trying to find work. Lastly, what is something I would do differently next time. If I were to do this project again I would spend more time on the crusades slide show because I did not have a lot of time to work on it due to being sick so I would add more information. 

In conclusion I really enjoyed this Middle Ages Project and I am very proud of myself.