My Take On The Oregon Coast

Oregon Reflection

The Oregon trip was a incredible trip that taught me not only on the ecosystem there but also independence and pushed me as a learner and a person. The trip has left memories that will be with me forever from the first to the very last day there was never a dull moment. 

My favourite fact that we learned was the history of Fort Stevens. I loved it so much I even got a sweater which in the long run really helped me stay warm. Fort Stevens is a park that is home to several batteries such as Battery Michellen which is one that we got to go in. It was really dark and spooky but was one of my favourite stops on the trip. We also had the luck of seeing the actors who had brought super cool artifacts from the American and British wars. I learned that the Americans made little meal boxes to cheer up the soldiers. The meal boxed had gum, coke, crackers, meat, and most likely a small portable stove so that their meals would always be warm. 

My favourite spot on the trip is still a mystery to me because I can’t choose but I will still tell you my favourite places that we went to. First let’s start from the first places to last. I absolutely loved this beach where the Peter Iredale is. The peter iredale is a ship wreck from the 1900s specifically 1906. Although the ship is barley still there it is not the only thing that drew me to this place. The beach itself was heaven we had the luck of coming at sunset on a cloudy day. The sun was just peeking through and the wave would come up on the sandy shores and chase you. The wind also made me feel like I was flying. Overall 10/10. Even though I could go on and on about that beach and some of the other places we went to I will just list the others because this is getting quite long. I also loved Fort Stevens which I talked about in the last paragraph. I also loved wolf haven which is the company my ad is on. Lastly I loved Yaquina Head it was so pretty and there were so many adorable baby seals that were 2-3 days old!

The whole trip was a opportunity for me to learn independence because it had been the longest I had been from my parents and it was hard the first nights but I got used to it. It also gave me an opportunity to get closer with my already very close friends I still don’t know how but somehow we got closer! To learn more about Oregon and my travels and to see more photos check out my book linked below. As always have a great day or night. 

What Happened All Those Years Ago:Canadas Colonization

Canadas Colonization

 Hi everyone welcome back to my blog! Today we are talking about Canadas colonization my latest unit. For this project we talked about treaty’s and the different roles that were involved in the Canadian colonization. We talked about the indigenous, missionaries, wealthy people, poor people, and the Filles Du Roi. I mainly foucased on the filles du roi. As usual I will now show you all three of my keystones and my final project!


Character Card

Our first keystone was choosing one of the following: Missionaries, indigenous, Wealthy people, poor people, and filles du roi. Once you chose which one you wanted to do your name was put in a spinner and whoever got called got to research that person and answer questions on them. I really wanted to do the filles du roi and I got chosen three times. Here is my finished card:



Paragraph Outline

For the next keystone we did a paragraph outline where we had to make a topic sentence and then write heading and fill in the information. We also had to use quotes to support our work. I don’t have as much to say about this piece but I am still proud of it!

The Script

For our final work we had to make a video with a group on all the different roles and how they were affected and so for our third keystone it was the script. I found it really easy to write my parts for the script because I just used the information that I had already wrote down from my previous work and just summarized it and it turned out great!

The Video

Lastly the video, I had a lot of fun making this because we got to film outside in the Forrest and every time we filmed it was really sunny outside so that was really fun. I also was the one who did all the editing and putting all of the pieces together which was really fun. So without further adoo please enjoy this movie!

As always it was fun doing this project and it is probably my second favourite project of humanities I think my first favourite is still Christopher Columbus project! Until next time!

Matter Matters!

Welcome back to my blog! Today we are talking about my latest unit in science matter! This unit we talked about diffusion change of states and matter. In the end we had to make a video game. I had a really hard time using scratch because I do not like to code but I did it and it is a very simple video game.

Who Am I?

For this piece we had to talk about mass, volume, density, quantitative and qualitative observations. We chose an object see if you can guess mine, and then we had to describe its mass, volume, density, quantitative and qualitative observations.

The answer is a little black cube that is used on a triple beam balance or as a weight block.

Gummy Bear Madness!

For our second project we did a gummy bear experiment. You had to make a hypothesis, prediction, method, observations, and a conclusion. We were talking about diffusion and so that is why this project is called the gummy bear diffusion. I loved doing this and it is probably my favourite thing we did in science for this unit. Enjoy the slides


Game Pitch

The video game pitch was wear we had to make a drawing or a sheet pitching our video game now my original idea which you can see did not actually work out because it was too complicated for a not even ametuer coder. I did not have to remake my pitch which was definitely a plus.

The Video Game

The video game which mine is called bobs fruit shack. This was the hardest part for me because I am not great at coding and frankly I don’t enjoy it but it is always good to try something new. Feel free to play if you would like the instructions are on the side.

As always try your hardest and Enjoy! Until we meet again!

Avengerms Assemble- My take on The Immune System

Welcome back to my blog!

Today I am going to be talking about my favourite subject Science! For our first project we learned about the innate and adaptive immune system. We talked about the different cells that keep us safe such as the white blood cells, B cells, Macrophage, antibodies, and my personal favourite the T-Cells! Throughout this post you will get to see all of the different activities that we did. As always enjoy!


The first project that I will show you is our first expirement that we did. We made a field journal that answered the question “How do we interact with microorganisms at school?”. We had to make a hypothesis and then to test them we went around the school and swabbed different places and then rubbed them on the agar in our Petri dishes. Over the span of a week we took pictures and observations on how the bacteria and microorganisms grew.

Enjoy the slides!

Character Cards

Now moving on to the Character Cards or my Anvengerms! The next thing we learned about was the innate and adaptive immune system, so for the project we had to make character cards for each cells. I made mine the Avengerms so each cell was named after an avengers character, for example the macrophage is called hulkrophage. This was one of my favourite projects because we got to draw! Here are the character cards:



Vaccine Poster

For the third keystone or project we were with groups and we had to make posters about vaccine theorys and wether they are true or false. For ours we discussed if vaccines cause long term affects and if you read the poster below you can find out! This was a fun twist to work with partners so that was fun I also love to make posters.



Immune System Poster

Lastly let’s talk about the final project which was to make a kids health poster that will actually be posted around the Elementary schools in our Neighbourhood. This was so fun because we got to make a fun catchy phrase and educate kids on their immune system. As I said I LOVE to design posters so this was so very fun. Without further a due here is the poster:

Thank you so much for reading this blog!!

Until we meet again!!

A Diary Of Christopher Columbus

The Diary of Christopher Columbus Told by Meghan
For this project we started looking at Vikings when were the origninal explorers, traders, and Raiders. Towards the middle of the project we switched to European explorers and we started to look at the biggest ones such as Christopher Columbus, Vasco Da Gama, John Cabot, and Jacques Cartier. For the main project we had to create a story or Journal on one of those famous explorers and has the title suggests I did Christopher Columbus. My favourite part of this project was writing the journal entry’s because I got to be really Creative and still follow his story which was fun. The most frustrating part of the project was the fact that the story could only be 200 words which seems like a lot until you actually write. That’s all for now!
Enjoy the book,

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Radical Innovations That Changed OUR World

This is how I represented what we learned about the Renaissance.

Historical Explanation

PAR: To explain my ideas that I put in my triptych to the world Ideas from Europe and Asia changed the world.

by making life more efficient and organized because of the Renaissance innovations such as clocks, medical innovations, and printing press.

The ideas from the Renaissance changed the Renaissance world by welcoming new innovations that lead to making their life’s easier. Ideas such as clocks, medical innovations, printing press, changes in philosophy, and new art. The clock was first developed in China but then German innovators created mechanical systems that made it smaller and easier. The clock allowed for a more accurate way to tell the time. Unlike the sun dial the clock could work at night so it lasted longer and can work at any time. Next the medical innovations, there were many different innovations but some of the more important ones were medical books, university’s, and clinics. Having the medical knowledge and the printing press allowed for medical books to be a thing which made knowledge easier to access and diseases easier to fight. Now for the printing press this was probably one of the most important innovations because it allowed for Martin Luther to fight back, medical books to be made, and books. The printing press also allowed for news to spread easier with news paper which made people a lot more aware of what was going on in the world. Changes in philosophy rather than focusing on religion they focused on new ways to improve society by building off of the innovations and creating new innovations. With the new philosophy came new art styles rather than drawing angels and god they drew portraits and landscapes. Overall the Renaissance innovations were a gateway for other innovations and for inventors to help improve the world and make it more efficient.

The traditional ideas that people had before the Renaissance include sundials, curved glass, Religious art, focusing on religion, and hand written notes. For centuries people tried and tried again to find a way to accurately tell time one of those ways was a sundial. The sundial would tell the time by using the sun to project the shadows on different notches in the flat stone. The sun dial was a good start however it wasn’t reliable or precise, also it cannot work during the night. Curved glass is the base of glasses except the people would have just the glass piece and they would hold one piece up to their eye. The only downside of this was that they were a hassle to hold and you only had one, they could cut you, and last they would let people see so they were really rare and expensive. Because the world was focused on religion so was the art. When you like at the art pieces from before the Renaissance you will most likely find the same things Heaven, Hell, angels, god, demons, people, etc. Art was also not a big thing back then because people did not have a lot of time to do that. Like I mentioned in the last sentences their philosophy was based off of religion. For example people would do things and spend money on ceremonies or documents because if they didn’t they would go to hell. The Church and other religions had a lot of power over their followers because people did not have the knowledge so they did not know what was true. Lastly before the printing press and printer people would have monks our servants write hand written notes with ink and a quill. Paper was not commonly used so it was mostly upper class that would have people write it for them or record meetings or ceremonies. Overall I think that all of these inventions had their highs and their weaknesses however if you were upper class these inventions and ideas would be better.

The new ideas in the Renaissance changed my world toady by improving on the past inventions to continue to reach the goal of a more organized and efficient life. Ideas such as cameras, books, medical university’s and online websites wth info, and modern art. By continuing to improve with the lenses innovators found a way to make cameras and now we have all different types of cameras and different types of lenses that are used for different things. Some examples are underwater cameras help marine biologists and they had to create a special lens than there are the space rovers which needed a very strong lenses. Thanks to the printing press we now have printers that give us books and book are used in so many different ways. For example books help spread knowledge, they entertain us, and they can be used to share a story or a talent. Nowadays we also have universities on medical schools which allows for more doctors and more researchers to help us with diseases from cancer all the way down to the flu. We even have websites where you can search up different symptoms or medication that you can take if you have a certain sickness. Lastly modern art is now more abstract. Modern art is a mix of everything from landscapes, to portraits of animals and humans, all the way down to just colours that have been put together and shaded or painted on top of each other in funky ways. Art is a lot more free and open. Overall the improvements on the innovations of the Renaissance have changed our lives significantly and making them a more efficient and healthier place.

In conclusion the ideas from Europe and Asia opened a whole new door to innovations that change our lives significantly by making them more efficient and organized. Our lives now depend on these innovations because we have used them to change the perspective on things. The ideas have helped to spread knowledge wether it be through books or online and they have helped to make us more organized with clocks.


For The triptych I used Superimpose x to Photo shop the images. I decided to focus on the most important inventions like the printing press but then I also decided to do my favourite like for example instead of adding modern glasses or contacts for lenses I chose to do a camera because I love photography. I learned all about the Renaissance and how the different ways of thinking and inventions changed over time and continue to change and evolve. The ideas back then have significantly changed our world for the better. Something that will stick with me forever that I have learned is that so many of the items and objects that I use everyday were improvements from one era that decided to change the world in philosophy and testing the boundaries of innovating. My favourite part of this project was definitely photoshopping and creating the triptych because it was very relaxing and fun to let my creativity flow. The hardest part of my least favourite part of the project was writing a historical explanation because there was so much information to fit into one paragraph so I had to break it down. I really Enjoyed this project and I hope to be using superimpose again for another project.

Exploring The World Of Drawing: Book Edititon

In class we have been learning how to use different techniques and tools on sketches pro to build our drawing skills. It was so fun to be able to doodle and draw. My favourite activity that we did was the robot because I love to shade. In the book you will find all of my activity drawings such as robots and emojis. You will also see some cute dogs along the way. Enjoy the book!



mPOL PLP Reflection 

Welcome back to my blog post! Today I am going to be reflecting on my work and classes so far this year. I will be answering the two driving questions of mPOL and reflecting on Maker and Humanities. How have I demonstrated growth as a learner so far this year? I think I have demonstrated growth as a learner because I have been able to understand the assignments. I think I have been growing as a learner because I have extending in all my classes. How can I sharpen my Learning Plan to ensure I will reach my learning targets by the end of this school year? I feel like I have been meeting my learning plan by getting the work done on time unless I am sick and I have been meeting my expectations by getting extending which is the goal I set for myself. I feel like I do not need to sharpen my learning plan because I am meeting my goals and am happy with the style of learning I am doing. 

                                                    Humanities Reflection

Now to talk about Humanities. I really enjoyed this course because I love history. I am the most proud of my middle ages project because I feel that I made a really  easy to use and pleasing to the eye slide show. The project that I would want to improve on is my outsiders project because I feel that it could have been more detailed however I got a extending so I am still happy with it. The work I did this semester met my standers and I am very proud of the hard work I put in. 

                                                        Maker Reflection

  Lastly lets talk about Maker. I also enjoyed my maker because I love working with my hands to produce work. I am the most proud of my Pandora’s box because I did not have a lot of time to do it unlike the rest of my class and it still turned out great so I am very proud of it. The only thing I would do differently next time would be to not get sick so that I could have more time to prepare. The work I did to this semester met my standers and I am very proud of the end result and the fun of the exhibition.


During Maker we focused on The driving question “What does James Cameron’s fantasy world of “Avatar” Reveal about our own society?”. To show our answer to this question we created boxes that had to do with the different problems in the movie. We then showcased our boxes publicly at our school. 

The hardest part for me was creating my project in three days. The reason I only had three days to do it was because I was very sick the week before the exhibition which did not help at all. I had too finish on the weekend so I had to change my plans a lot and make the design simple yet capable of showing the point I am trying to get across. 

The easiest part for me was the presenting at the exhibition because I love to present my work. I used to present a lot of slide shows and so I am very comfortable with presenting my work. I love to talk to people and to see that lightbulb moment in their heads when they see the work and relate it to what I’m talking about. I also love to hear their questions. This was also my favourite part of the whole unit.

If I could go back and change something I would have more time to work on my box so that it could look more detailed. That is the only thing I would change because otherwise I think the exhibition and the project was really fun and enjoyable. 

Overall I had lots of fun on this project and I can’t wait for the next exhibition!

Humanities Reflection

                                Humanities Reflection

During Humanities we talked about the Middle Ages. We talked about the Dark ages and how the power impacted peoples lives. We also talked about the Crusades. 

The Middle Ages and the Crusades projects relate to the driving question which was: “How did the quest for power impact peoples lives”  My answer to this is that the quest for power destroyed people and the cities. It affected everyone even the people who had power and were wanting more. I came to this conclusion from evaluating the knowledge I have learned. One reason is that In the Middle Ages the Church had power over everyone and it was miserable because there were so many wars between the nobles. Another reason why it ruined everyone’s lives was because the peasants were treated horribly and had no life. The quest for power between the Christian’s and the Muslims lasted over 200 years with 9 wars where so many people died. They even had a children’s war which was the most horrendous and selfish war. In conclusion my answer to the driving question is that the quest for power ruined and destroyed everyday life in the Middle Ages. 

In terms of the actual projects or keynotes that I made I think I did really good. I think that I made a well organized, knowledgeable, and good looking slideshow for the Middle Ages project. Something that I can work on in the future is taking notes. It can help if I take notes so that I can just refer to those instead of going through the road map trying to find work. Lastly, what is something I would do differently next time. If I were to do this project again I would spend more time on the crusades slide show because I did not have a lot of time to work on it due to being sick so I would add more information. 

In conclusion I really enjoyed this Middle Ages Project and I am very proud of myself. Continue reading Humanities Reflection