TPOL 2024 🎉

Tpol 2024 Hello everyone welcome back to my blog! Today! It is the last week of school which means its time to start Tpols! Tpols stand for Transitional presentation of learning and are a way for parents and teachers to meet with students so we can present our learning journey. In grade 8 I  did […]

🇫🇷In The Name Of Nationalism🇫🇷

Hey everyone welcome back to my blog! Today we will be discussing my latest project. Nationalism! More specifically French Nationalism. Keep reading to learn all about what I learned and My expirience with this project. So first things first I learned what Nationalism is. Nationalism is identification with one’s own nation and support for its […]

DI Regionals 2024

DI Regionals Reflection: 8:30 every morning, every day until regionals came.  Welcome back to my blog, today we are talking all about my experience in DI. In case you don’t know already DI is a non-profit educational organization, the DI stands for Destination Imagination. If you can’t already guess by the name it is all […]

Winter Exhibition 2023

Potatoes, Risings, and Machines were the highlights of this exhibition. Welcome back to my Blog! Today we will be talking about the Winter Exhibition 2023. The topic we talked about was the Haiti, Meiji, Xinhai, American, French, Russian, and Easter revolutions. Our driving question was “How Do Ideas Drive Change?”. I think Ideas drive change […]