My Take On The Oregon Coast

Oregon Reflection

The Oregon trip was a incredible trip that taught me not only on the ecosystem there but also independence and pushed me as a learner and a person. The trip has left memories that will be with me forever from the first to the very last day there was never a dull moment. 

My favourite fact that we learned was the history of Fort Stevens. I loved it so much I even got a sweater which in the long run really helped me stay warm. Fort Stevens is a park that is home to several batteries such as Battery Michellen which is one that we got to go in. It was really dark and spooky but was one of my favourite stops on the trip. We also had the luck of seeing the actors who had brought super cool artifacts from the American and British wars. I learned that the Americans made little meal boxes to cheer up the soldiers. The meal boxed had gum, coke, crackers, meat, and most likely a small portable stove so that their meals would always be warm. 

My favourite spot on the trip is still a mystery to me because I can’t choose but I will still tell you my favourite places that we went to. First let’s start from the first places to last. I absolutely loved this beach where the Peter Iredale is. The peter iredale is a ship wreck from the 1900s specifically 1906. Although the ship is barley still there it is not the only thing that drew me to this place. The beach itself was heaven we had the luck of coming at sunset on a cloudy day. The sun was just peeking through and the wave would come up on the sandy shores and chase you. The wind also made me feel like I was flying. Overall 10/10. Even though I could go on and on about that beach and some of the other places we went to I will just list the others because this is getting quite long. I also loved Fort Stevens which I talked about in the last paragraph. I also loved wolf haven which is the company my ad is on. Lastly I loved Yaquina Head it was so pretty and there were so many adorable baby seals that were 2-3 days old!

The whole trip was a opportunity for me to learn independence because it had been the longest I had been from my parents and it was hard the first nights but I got used to it. It also gave me an opportunity to get closer with my already very close friends I still don’t know how but somehow we got closer! To learn more about Oregon and my travels and to see more photos check out my book linked below. As always have a great day or night. 

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