How To Get Started with Drawing

How To Get Started with Drawing

I got into drawing at a young age, so young that I don’t remember when I started drawing, but I do remember I would spend hours and hours and hours drawing and perfecting, one memory I have is I used to draw circles but I would draw a bunch of circles over each other, I would get mad at myself and try to only draw one circle, but I couldn’t, so I went from not being able to draw one circle alone, to drawing somewhat realism and shading. 


  My suggestions for starting drawing

I’d suggest just drawing small things that you know how to draw and go from there, try to have an open mindset about your drawings and avoid thinking things like “this sucks, nobody would like it,” and “I’m never gonna be good at this,” If you think those things, you won’t try to get better, and will end up getting nowhere. If you think positive things like “That’s a great arm,” or “That’s a good start to drawing chairs,” chances are you’ll keep getting better and better.  If you’re ever stumped on what to draw, I’d just draw a line and see where you go from there. Once you draw a line, you’ve started and now you’ll be more motivated to finish. I also really like to listen to music while I’m drawing. You might be different, but it helps me picture what I want to do. If you don’t know a good technique, I’d recommend that you tried tracing, I learned a bunch of my techniques from tracing, you can trace your favourite cartoon characters, or some pictures you took from real life, either ones would work to help your skills grow. You can also look up online tutorials for drawing certain things, they have drawing tutorials for almost everything. 

Basic Skills and Techniques

The most basic skills are being able to draw people and everyday items you can find in our world. Sometimes people draw cartoon characters or try to draw things in a cartoony style. Most people start out drawing cats or their families or rainbows, generally what they like. Mostly little kids draw their family or friends, flowers or cars, anything they like or want to draw, even littler kids or abstract artists like to scribble all over the page, abstract art is in high demand nowadays.

      I like to draw cartoony people and sometimes realism, I’m not good at realism yet but I’ve been trying harder on it lately, just last year I drew a realistic drawing of a character from a book I was reading, for a project. She was the first person I ever drew in realism. Then, in the summer I tried to draw another realistic drawing of Eleven from Stranger Things, it didn’t turn out as good but I’m still practicing. You can also draw things you wish you had, like a bigger house or a better phone. You can also draw blueprints for a house or draw the exterior, you don’t have to build it it’d just be for fun!

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