My Tryptich and Historical Explination

This is my Triptych, it represents the change of innovations over time. What I learned from this project was how to edit photos using Super Impose, and a bit about photography and video editing while using the app. For the right picture of me, when I took the picture my hair had been messy, so I ended up putting a picture of my hair over the old picture. The left panel is me with new innovations during the renaissance (The time measuring devices that were newly invented during the renaissance). The right panel is m with the original versions of time measurement devices, like the clepsydra (basically an hourglass with water instead of sand), the hourglass, and the sundial. The centre panel is me with time measuring innovations now (showing how those innovations got better and more advanced over time)

Have you ever wondered how much past inventions impacted what we use nowadays? Do you think about how if these inventions hadn’t been popular or hadn’t been thought of, maybe some things that we have now wouldn’t exist. What conclusions can I make about how new ideas in the renaissance changed the world? The ideas from the renaissance changed the world by being fresh new ideas that people could later keep improving and improving into what they are today. If they hadn’t invented mechanical clocks, there might not be any on our world today. What conclusions can I make about the ideas people had before they changed the world? If people hadn’t had the earlier ideas of clocks, then we wouldn’t be as advanced as we are now, these early ideas have lead to the clocks they had in the renaissance, and the clocks we have now. What conclusions can I make about how new ideas from the renaissance have changed my world today? The new time measuring ideas in the renaissance changed my world by paving a path for new ideas, such as cell phones and modern technology. If mechanical clocks hadn’t been thought of, we might not have them today. If they hadn’t been thought of during the renaissance, maybe they wouldn’t have been as advanced as they are nowadays. If I could go back in time and see what these innovations used to look like in person, I probably would. Its so interesting how some of the items we take for granted today are so important, these ideas evolved over time to become what they are, and even though they are possibly the simplest things that we take for granted everyday, life would be so different without them. I wonder what the new ideas we have now will look like in the future.
For this project I learned about how inventions have changed over time. This helps me in real life because I know that I can take my old ideas and turn them into new ideas. I also learned about how it doesn’t just take one person to invent something, like if light, electricity, and the telephone hadn’t been invented, the iPhone would’ve never come out, or how Thomas Edison didn’t just invent the light bulb, he invented a path for future inventors to follow so they can take what he made and make it even better. These inventions had also been modified all around the world, in Nelson Socials 8 (pg 76), it said that people in Asia took some ideas from Europe for innovations that measure time, and tried to make one of their own, which later were used to make mechanical clocks back in Europe. So people can pass around ideas for an invention and make their own versions of them, and make a useful invention that people will use all over the world.

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