Reflection on Pandora’s box

For my Pandora’s box project I think I tried my best. My theme was corporate greed and I tried my best on my box. It didn’t end up looking like the design I made but I like it more then my design, because most people ended up making boxes the same as my original idea and mine was different. I bought a big wooden treasure chest and painted it black and put a tech-y design on the outside to make it look like a futuristic machine. Then I got my dad to cut a whole in the front and he glued some see through plastic to it so it looked like a window. Then I made a tree and an off/on button out of felt. I made some white clouds for the background and painted it blue, then I painted the floor green and added extra designs, like a dragon, some stones, and a river. Here’s how my original design looked: 

 I don’t have a picture of how it ended up looking but I think I described it well.

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