Hi everyone, its time for my very first mPOL! For todays presentation, I am going to bring up one project for each class and list some things that went really well and some things that didn’t.

Already, when I look back on this half of the school year, I see a lot of failures. As humans, we like to only see the bad parts of that. I personally have that problem a lot of the time. But what I am trying to
remember more is that it is actually a good thing! Because failing is the.. 

When I fail, I can have a lot of growth from it but also a lot of set backs. This is one place that I really want to improve in because it is true! Failing is the First Attempt In Learning. I need to learn that failing is okay and to look for other ways to work around the problem. I think that this is necessary for me to succeed in any project or task.

One example that I know I will be failing a lot more in is DI. I have a like hate relationship with DI. The reason it is not a love hate relationship is because that is not true and I think that it is best to be honest. My group and I have already had a lot of set backs with ideas and problems that we have come across. When this happens, my first instinct is to panic and get really stressed out which is not good or helpful. The number one thing I think I need to work on for DI specifically is handling that problem with getting stressed out.

One thing that I think I have done really well on for DI is giving every idea I have to the group. Usually, I would get nervous to share my ideas because I would worry that they weren’t good or that they were dumb. Sometimes when I share my ideas with the group I realize that they kind of are dumb but that doesn’t bother me anymore! I am now a lot more comfortable with being wrong and I think that it has really helped our group gather a lot of ideas.

I think that Scimatics has come really easily to me so far. I understand everything and I am able to show my absolute best work. The thing that I enjoyed the most in Scimatics but also had the most set backs was our laser laws project.

I think that in this project, I did really well in showing everything that I have learnt through out the gathering knowledge faze. I am really proud of myself for being able to take things that I learnt in a math book and applying it to something completely different and awesome.

The thing that I think I need to work on is again, being okay with set backs and failure. When something did not go as I imagined it or there was a slight bump in the road, I got really anxious and panicked. This was a problem because it made the project not as enjoyable as it could have been but also it puts on extra anxiety and stress that I do not need right now in my life. It then starts to effect other parts of my life which I do not want.

 For humanities, I wanted to focus on The Outsiders project. I think that this project is one that I have had the most growth and fun with. One of my big problems used to be me being a boss hog. Before PLP, I wasn’t really used to working with groups and teams and I preferred to do it alone. I have a love hate relationship with doing a lot of work. I fell like I need to be in charge so that nothing gets messed up but also doing everything can be really stressful. With this project, I think I was really able to learn how to sit back and let other people do things without worrying. I am really grateful that I was able to do this before DI because otherwise that would have been a problem.

I still feel like I have some work to do with this because at times, I can feel myself wanting to do a lot and being in charge of everything at once. When this happens, I try to step back and just think about what need to do.

I really want to be able to get better at all of the growth opportunities I have mentioned. I truly believe that it will make me a better student, classmate, teammate and person.