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“It is not death that a man should fear, but he should fear never beginning to live.” Marcus Aurelius

What Happened In Oregon?

The quick answer would be “a lot”, but I think you deserve a bit more info about the trip. It was the first PLP Field Study for my grade, and was just as good as it was supposed to be…. Continue Reading →


Our project for Humanities this sector was all about European Colonization in Canada and America. It really focused on British and French settlers and explorers, along with the different wars. Our first Keystone was on the travel of Europeans and… Continue Reading →

Can You Fill A Box With Black Holes?

This is a question I thought about in Science this project. We were talking about different types of matter and what makes something matter. For something to be matter it needed to take up space, and have mass. The empty… Continue Reading →

Immune System

Since the start of semester two, we have been working and learning about the immune system, pathogens, and vaccines. We have done three keystones and a final project. For our final project we made another poster for kids. It should… Continue Reading →

Travelogue of Vasco da Gama Reflection

In Humanities we have been learning about different explorers and vikings. Our final project was making a travelogue with images we have made, and a story we wrote. I put different sections of my story with photos that go along… Continue Reading →

mPol 2023

This is my 2023 mPol, and I will be going over all my growth as a learner this semester. I have divided my post into different categories for your convenience, so enjoy! PGP – Personal Growth Plan I will be… Continue Reading →

Triptychs Over The Years

Over the past month, my class and me started a project about the renaissance. In the beginning of the project we worked of time managing/time blocking. We made goals, and when they are due. The time blocking part, KeyStone#1, was… Continue Reading →

My Art Book.

Over the past week we have been working on different techniques of drawing, and how to draw different shapes. My favourite was probably the robot, but you should go have your own opinion. I have linked my book in the… Continue Reading →

Winter Exhibition: Avatar

On the week before winter break we had an exhibition about our driving question “What does James Cameron’s fantasy world of “Avatar” reveal about our own society?”. We work on two aspects for this exhibition, our own project, and the… Continue Reading →

The Dark Ages

Over this past month and a bit, I have been working on two different projects that talk about The Dark Ages. On this post I will explain the driving question “How did the quest for power impact people’s lives in… Continue Reading →

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