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Poland has been through a lot

1848, the year Europe was on Fire. I have just finished my Humanities project and it was all about Nationalism. It was also the most general project I have done so far. What was the project? Europe was experiencing a… Continue Reading →

mPol 2024

I guess this is a mPol. Very different this year with this presentation being past a halfway point. I guess that just means more to review, and the more the merrier.  Learning Plan Goals My goals this year mainly revolved… Continue Reading →

The Cataclysmic Catapults

This was my first DI tournament and it went how I expected. It could of gone much worse, but that doesn’t mean that it was perfect. There is still room for me and my group to grow in order to… Continue Reading →

Calling Sam a Frankenstuffie is Rude

I might be the best writer in the world. The key word there is “might”. Our project for Humanities recently has been focusing on Frankenstuffies. The end product for our project is a video about a story our Frankenstuffie goes… Continue Reading →

Louis Riel

Some call Louis Riel a madman, others call him a saviour, but what he actually was lies somewhere in between. Louis Riel killed people who didn’t believe in what he did, but he didn’t try to conquer other people’s land…. Continue Reading →

Controversy About Louis Riel

I found this the most English centred project we have done in a while. The goal for this project was to write a multi paragraph response about how perspectives on Louis Riel have changed over time. I have often hated… Continue Reading →

The Tea War

We just had our Winter Exhibition and it was a big change from last year. The quick rundown of what we did was making Rube Goldberg Machines that represent a revolution. We were put in groups of around 7 people,… Continue Reading →

Thriller – Not By MJ

Some call me an artist of film, forever pursing true film… aYeah I made a short Thriller.  A big focus we have had this semester for Maker has been using film. It started in Alberta with the 3 videos we… Continue Reading →

PLP 9 had no Wifi for a Week?!?!?!?!

I love pancakes. What goes with pancakes? Maple syrup. What has maple in the name? Maple Ridge, and that’s where I was last week. We had an extra trip this year for PLP. It was different from the Alberta trip… Continue Reading →

Don’t Trust Atoms, They Make Up Everything!

Tornados, sushi, typewriter, and telescope. What do all these things have in common? ATOMS! Our most recent project in Science was all about the Periodic Table, and different bonds between atoms. This was the most enjoyable project I have had… Continue Reading →

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