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The first blog I visited was toni bologni’s, I commented on her “My avatar” post. I chose  this post because I had a comment in my mind right away when I saw the post. This was my comment Hi Toni, I like how you said on your blog what is different between you and the online picture. So we could better picture you in real life. Good blog post overall. this is her blog

The second blog I visited was darragh’s, I commented on his “All about me” post. I chose this post because it was the first one that came up in his blog. This was my comment Hi Darragh, I was also born in November. I like that you included a lot information about yourself it really helps paint a picture in my mind about you and what you look like. It’s also cool that you have a comic book from 1972. Also what grade are you in. Overall great about me post I look forward to your future posts. this is his blog.

The third blog I visited was Oscar Estrada’s, I commented on his “about me” post. This was my comment I posted Hi Oscar, good job including lots of things that you do and your ethnicity it really helps paint a picture on what you look like and what your personality is. I’m sure you’ll love the winter track team. Overall pretty good blog, I look forward to hearing from you in the future. this is his blog post.

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  1. Mrs. Bennett says: Reply

    Hi, again Nate,

    I enjoyed reading about you visiting other blogs and how you commented on them. I think it is great that you put a link to the blogs you were talking about so the reader could check out those blogs too. It looks like you will learn a lot in this blogging challenge.

    Have fun!
    Mrs. Bennett

  2. Ms. Foley says: Reply

    Hi Nate –

    It seems like you are a veteran commenter ! You follow all the rules I have seen some of your classmates post. You are positive and specific . Really nice job !!

    Ms. Foley

    1. nathanielf says: Reply

      Thank you Ms. Foley

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