This Changes Everything

Hi, welcome back to my blog. This blog is going to be about my most recent project in Humanities. The Project is called This Changes Everything. In this project we learned about the Middle Ages and different aspects of life back then. Our final product was a keynote that we presented in front of the class in partners. The keynote had 1 example of something that showed continuity from the Middle Ages to now and one that showed changes from Middle Ages to now. A example of that would be jousting is continuity and transportation is change. The driving question was What was life like in the Middle Ages? How does it compare to today?

This project had its ups and downs. We had to read a book that I didn’t particularly in joy but others might have. We also got to work in partners to research stuff about the Middle Ages. My partner for this Milestone was Kate Cook. The research part of the project was my favourite part because I got research a middle age sport called Colf. I found it very interesting to read about the similarities between Colf and Golf. I presented this sport as a example of continuity for my final product of the project. My least favourite part of the project was the reading. I fell behind because I didn’t like the book so I just stopped reading it for a little bit and that made me fall behind a lot. Although at the end I caught up and read the whole book painfully. While we were reading the book each week we had a role. In each role you had to do something that related to the book. The roles were Summarizer, Creative Connecter and Artist. Every Monday we would meet and talk about the section of the book we read that week.

                    This is the book we read

We also had a keynote that was full of our notes over the course of our project. Every time we looked at a new aspect of the Middle Ages we would add to our notes keynote. There are lots of pictures and writing in my keynote. I would refer back to my keynote if I forgot about something or wad just wondering what happened. I was good to have a keynote with my notes it helped me know what was going on and kept me alive. For our 4th milestone we had to research a bunch of examples of continuity and change from the Middle Ages to now and make a document in pages worth notes on each example. This was our first assignment with our partners. This was definitely one one the more fun assignments in this project because I got to learn about a bunch of new things about the Middle Ages.

I definitely think that this project was one of the more exciting projects this year in Humanities. Our teacher for the project was Ms. Maxwell. I found it interesting to learn about the Middle Ages and how religions played such a big part in life back then. The answer to the driving question is life in the Middle Ages was much different than it is today. They had slaves and torture with religion playing a massive part in their society. Although comparing it to today there are still a lot similarities that only changed slightly. There are still sports similar to ones in Middle Ages, we have royalty although they don’t have as much power as they did back then and many more things have carried on from the Middle Ages to now. Make sure to check out some of my other blogs here.

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