It’s the End Of The World

Hi, welcome back to my blog. This post is about my most recent humanities project it’s the end of the world. In this project we learned about the renaissance, we also learned about music and our world view. In this project we made a individual song that was a parody to the song its the end of our world as we know it. Then we later made a group song that combined all of our lyrics to make a new song. Then we made a keynote about renaissance sculptures we learned about different sculptures, different types of sculptures and what even is a sculpture.

This is the pieta

In this project we were being assessed on two competencies the create competency and the cause and consequence. In this project I used the create competency in creating my own song. For this milestone I had to create my own lyrics then record it in GarageBand. I had to sing my lyrics. Then I used this competency again but in my group song. Me and my group had to create lyrics that combined all of our individual lyrics to make a new song. The second competency I was being assessed on was my cause and consequence competency. I demonstrated using this competency in the 5th milestone when we had to write a paragraph covering one topic of our choice. My topic was sculptures. We had to write about what the consequence was of the making of my sculpture. My sculpture I chose was the pieta. When I had to find the consequence of the pieta being made it made me use the cause and consequence competency.

This is my group song

Overall I think my favourite part of this project was doing the group song. I think I had good group mates and we worked well together to make our song. My group mates were Logan and Cameron make sure to check out their blog here. In this assignment I think we did a pretty good job on combining our lyrics and splitting up the singing. This project I think I learned a lot more about the renaissance and sculptures. I think I struggled with my individual song because I couldn’t get my lyrics to flow like the song. Although after my feedback I revised my song and I turned out much better. I think I learned that I can actually kind of sing. I hope you enjoyed reading about my project. Make sure to check out my other blogs here.

This is my individual song

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