DI Provincials

Hi, welcome back to another one of my blogs. This blog is about the DI provincials. This year we had a interesting situation involving COVID-19. Because of the pandemic COVID-19 DI was canceled. Our teachers decided we would still do DI but with only our school participating. Our group had to preform our solution over a Zoom call. We had none of our props because they were all at school. So we made them with what we had at home and with a very limited Time line. My group met up 3 times to rehearse over FaceTime and Zoom. I think my group actually improved a lot of stuff from our regional presentation. We made our impact scenery much better because it was virtual backgrounds. We also made the story more clear for the audience. The only thing that was difficult over zoom was interacting with each other and transitioning from scene to scene. I think the presentation was better overall though.

the things we had to replace were our costumes, impact scenery, invention and our team choice element. Out team choice element was previously a painting on the front of our invention. Though we made a drawing and put in the background of my bedroom in the presentation. I also made the new invention. It was made out of a shoe box. I made a puzzle in the lid and we didn’t have a alarm in the box so we made a scratch program that was the new alarm sound. For our impact scenery we used the function on zoom called virtual background. This allowed us to make the background of our setting any photo we wanted. We changed our backgrounds in between scenes. Also if your character was not in the scene you turned off your camera so the audience couldn’t see what you were doing, acting like a back stage were we could switch our background and props. And for our costumes we just wore our normal clothes and I wore a tie for my interview.

we also did the instant challenge over a Zoom call. We were split into a separate room with my group members and one appraiser. This was a bit weird because we couldn’t see the challenge paper at all times so we had to pay attention a lot when our appraiser told us our challenge. It was also difficult to communicate

                                                             This is the new invention I made

because you didn’t know when somebody was done talking and there was a lot of talking over each other. Although all that aside I think my group did very well on our instant challenge. It think our performance on the instant challenge was very unique and creative.

                                                           This is us preforming our dance

overall I think the whole online DI experience was very different and cool. It had its peaks and valleys but I think my group did very well in this version of the DI provincials. I hope that this never happens because that would mean something terrible happened again and that would not be good. I think our team got had to pay attention a lot wha high score although I don’t know the results yet I think we came first in the technical challenge and in the instant challenge I think we first or second. Thank you for reading my blog post make sure to check out my other posts here and stay home.

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