Incongruent Lies

You probably have no idea what lies and incongruencies are. Well, its the name of this project, and also happens to be somewhat the opposite of truth and reconciliation. You probably know what truth and reconciliation is, so now you probably know what this project is about. For those of you still lost, this project is about First Nations people, specifically the struggles of First Nations people.

There were four main parts of this project: The Marrow Thieves, History and Art, and the collage.

The Marrow Thieves

The Marrow Thieves is a book by Cherie Dimaline, where the general population has lost the ability to dream, with the exclusion of First Nations people. The government starts hunting the First Nations people to extract dreams from the marrow in their bones. We read the entire book, writing reflections in a keynote document as we went along. 

(Spoilers for the Marrow Thieves)

Once the book was finished, we wrote a full reflection on the entire book and how it relates to Canada’s past and present.

We also made a short reflection on how we thought this project changed our views on Truth and Reconciliation

History and Art

The next part of this project was History and Art

There were three assignments in this project

The first part was where we got to choose a bill that affects First Nations people, then we took one quote, one piece of art, and related those to the bill.

In the second part, we chose one problem First Nations people have, I chose healthcare, then we related it to art again.

The third part consisted of the same stuff as the previous parts, although this time it revolved around an indigenous civil dispute, and I went with the Oka Crisis.

The Collage

The last part of this project, which I think is the most important, is the collage.

I decided to take the art from part one and three of History and Art, then I blended the photos together and turned them into words. I chose the words that I felt best represented the events in my documents relating to the art, then I inserted it into the blended art.


During this project, I feel I performed well, I revised my work a lot more often than I normally do, I spent a considerable amount of time in my collage, and I went into depth in my research. The main thing I think I could have done better would be handing in my assignments earlier, as a lot of them ended up being handed in past due. Overall, this was a good project with a solid final product.

Well, that’s all or now, thanks for taking the time to read my post, and have a great day

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