2024 final Tpol!

This Year, my Tpol will sadly be about how I am not ready for plp 10 next year, I will be going into mainstream after a good run with plp.

Thank you for coming to my presentation of learning. I am the expert on my own learning. I am also responsible and accountable for my own learning. You can expect me to give an honest evaluation of my progress. We will discuss my strengths and opportunities for growth. Thank you in advance for listening and for offering feedback that I can use to improve as a learner.

I have had a good run with PLP, but the projects and exhibitions are very stressful for me, my learning style and PLP’s are very different. It may work for others but I benefit from the mainstream style of learning. 

Let’s go over why.

I thought PLP would be able to challenge me to become a better learner on a more creative aspect, however it was a bit too challenging. During the start of projects when we were listening to the teacher and taking notes, I felt very confident because I can remember details pretty well. As soon as a project turned into a creative assignment, my brain shut off. This lead to me stressing out and not finishing it or finishing it poorly. This happened with my frankenstuffy video and my ww1 comic.

Photo of my work war one comic for our 2024 spring exhibition


Going into grade 10 mainstream I have a plan to help myself be a better learner. I signed up for summer school for English, so I could get an idea how to work in mainstream classes that I previously had in PLP. 

Next year, I’m gonna make sure to get more help, whether it’s from my teachers or my family I need help with my procrastination problem and I will make better habits for homework and studying. next year I will also have an L.A.C. block, which will help me a lot. 

Despite all my setbacks and PLP, I’ve had many good projects and good experiences with it.

Here are some of what I would think are my best projects. I found I did a really good job on my Oregon marketing poster in grade 8. That years exhibition was also my favourite because it was way less stressful than many others.

Here is my poster:


A skill that I got way better at this year from PLP is helpfulness. Being able to be positive in a negative situation helps turn it around. For example, during DI everybody in my group was a bit stressed about how it was gonna turn out. I stayed positive, helped my group and made contributions and it worked out well after we calm down and persevered in our challenges. Helpfulness also made our group atmospherel way more positive. At the start of DI when I got assigned to a  group of people that I’ve never talked too before, I was a bit anxious. Being helpful and a nice person helped our group come together. During the middle of the project when we had to start showing up tutorial, we  all tried to show up so we wouldn’t be bringing our group down because we knew each other better than before.

Next year, I’m gonna be working on resilience, because this year I was not being resilient during many projects. This is partly from other school work and family problems causing me too have stress, but I do have a procrastination problem which leads to more stress after I don’t finish projects. I feel if I can do projects that are more critical thinking based I will be more inclined to be resilient when a situation gets tough. Many of the creative projects we have done I have been behind, my ww1 comic, my frankenstuffy video and my bring your kid to work day video 

I have worked on reflecting this year. I still havent gotten too good but I have gotten better, however when I reflect on my work I usually realize what I need to change but I just dont do it. This is why I need to work on resilience during the summer. Having summer school and help from my mom will help me get better resilience skills. This in turn will help me use my reflecting skills to my advantage 

This being my last tpol, I wanted to thank all of my teachers for everything they have done for me. I have learned many things from different teachers, Ms Willemse has helped me so much with honest feedback, Mr Harris has helped show me different ways to do things that might help me complete projects, Ms Madsen has showed me how to take notes and study properly, which is something I have never learned. Ms McWilliam helped me not get distracted in class with reminders and choosing a good group for me, Ms Kadi helped gain an interest in science 

For me, leaving PLP is not because of teachers or that I dont like the classes, it is because I benefit from different type of learning, some part of me says I could have stayed but it has gotten stressful for me because of the types of projcets we do. 

I am very thankful for all my PLP teachers and what they have done for me, however PLP wont work for me next year.


Thank you for coming to my final Tpol!

2024 mpol


“Thank you for coming to my presentation of learning. I am the expert on my own learning. I am also responsible and accountable for my own learning. You can expect me to give an honest evaluation of my progress. We will discuss my strengths and opportunities for growth. Thank you in advance for listening and for offering feedback that I can use to improve as a learner.”

Hello everyone, I’m going to start my presentation of by talking about what PLP is to me. PLP is a great program that really challenges me, I feel so much more confident as a learner compared to last year and years before. I am not a perfect fit to PLP in a way most people would think, I dont grasp every topic, I am sometimes not too good with devices, but that is why I chose PLP. I am challenging myself more than I ever would in mainstream and I feel great about it, I am learning new skills, being more confident and most importantly I feel like I’m starting to do better in this program. I like doing tests and worksheets because of how straight forward it is, but in PLP I’m learning how to think, create and to not only do the minimum to pass. 

How did my D.I. Go?

I am proud of how I did in D.I. Because I really did well in the presentation, I was very nervous but in the end I managed to make it through with my group and we got 3rd. There were definitly things that I would change but first times are never perfect. Why do I think I did well in D.I? I showed up. I showed up and I worked with my group whenever there was a meeting. I was the only one that made time to meet up with my other peer when we tried to have our own rehearsal. I also am proud of how I turned myself around from a bad start to the project and had a performance where I didn’t struggle with the script or what to do.

D.I is definitely something I’m happy for, sometimes presentations are hard and confusing, but having classmates to bounce off of for help and just being there makes it more enjoyable.

What skills have I learned from di ? D.I. Taught me responsibility and to not delay big projects, because it can definitely help to be prepared and have things done ahead of time. D.I. Also got me closer to some classmates I dont think I had ever spoken to, which is helping me be more confident in school projects and meeting new people  

Me and my group before our presentation
Me and my group at the awards ceremony













What I’m working on improving for next year. This year I have learned the value of tutorial time. When I did D.I. We barely had any time in class but tutorial helped so much to get everything organized and ready. After D.I. This year I hope to keep going to school at 8:30 to get ahead, because working at home is more of a struggle for me and I prefer working in a school environment. Missing school usually messes me up for the project, because I’m doing so well and then I miss school either for a trip like before spring break or because of a cold. I will need to improve my ability to work at home or I dont know if I will make it out of high school, I am hoping to learn how to study and prepare more for projects the next couple months and next year 

This year has been especially helpful for my writing skills, for example with our Louis riel multiparagraph response I learned proper ways to format paragraphs. I like writing but I always used to do run on sentences and too much detail on unimportant things until I learned about how to structure paragraphs properly. I didnt write paragraphs with a topic sentence a middle and a conclusion, I just wrote run on sentences without good structure but with this project I got got a new look on how to form paragraphs. What helped me was looking at every thing as a like a book. A book has a summary at the beginning, information and details in the middle and a conclusion. The louis riel project helped me see and understand this because of the excercise we did with writing in different colours for different parts and doing lots of critique and review helped me reach understanding.






Above is what helped what we used to do our colour coding  and this is what I wrote:

In Historica Canadas Heritage Minute video, Louis riel was portrayed as a prophet that stood up to the government and a hero that helped the Métis people against the Canadian government. Louis Riel was a Métis leader and the founder of Manitoba. He was found guilty of high treason and hung. The video portrayed him as a hero because even when he was about to be hung, he was still defending the Métis and north west territory people. He said “the Métis are not birds” when the other person said there was no excuse for what he did, indicating that he cared more about the future of the Métis people than his life. In conclusion Louis Riel was portrayed as a hero for the Métis people in the Heritage Minute video by Canada Historica.




This year I have grown as a person from being more involved with work when in a group. Like I said earlier I showed up to all of our tutorials with my group for D.I. Even when other people didnt, I collaborated with my group mates out of school and tried to arrange dress rehearsals and practices. After all of this I have seen how useful tutorial can be for working on projects and I hope to be able to use more tutorial times to advance as a learner. If I do this then I will be a better group member and I will know how to contribute more without just following others.




did I follow my learning plan from last year?

I am making good progress towards most of my goals, but some goals that I feel I have achieved are: sitting without my friends if I need t get work done and I have better reflection skills. The skills I want to work on are healthier stress regulating tactics and learning how to work at home effectively

DI regional reflection post

First things first, how did it go? Im very happy that I participated in DI, I feel way more confident with presentations and I’m starting too get to know almost everyone in PLP 9. One thing I would have changed is doing more work and practices as a group outside of school. I got super tired after showing up to school at 8 am for almost a full week and then having to wake up early and go to school on a Saturday. After everything, I’m still happy because I growed as a learner

The thing I struggle the most with is procrastinating. If I effectively used my time at home to get ahead and work on school work I would be much more advanced as a learner. Doing DI is helping me to work more at home and contribute even if I no one is watching over my shoulder 


Me and my group before presenting
Me and my group at the reward ceremony












3rd place! (Video)





During class we did a nonstop writing exercise that helped me show what I thought of di 

: I wish I had started memorizing my lines earlier. If our team had worked on our presentation more during the weeks before we could have been more prepared. I should have contributed more with the online elements by helping with the scripts and getting our team together to practice. I should not have gone skiing, If i didnt go i could have had more time to work on my lines I practiced well with my team and did most of the things i was asked to do. I knew what to do after a little bit of practice and rehearsal in the morning

Over all in this DI experience I would give myself a developing.




Loon lake learnin


How do the choices we make set our future path?

 The Loon lake learning advance changed my perspective on many things and gave me insight on many ways to improve my life and myself.

This trip was very important to me because of the team building exercises that showed me that I can be friends with almost everyone in the class 

When we were on the trip I liked the structured time and that we didn’t have any snacks, I usually snack a lot and i think I should start having less snacks and more structured meals

Being comfortable with the uncomfortable is the transfer goal that i chose because I felt that the skill will help me improve and become a better person.

I really liked the way this trip was structured with fun activities that also connected really well to the learning element. Even with the indoor activities they were entertaining and it felt really important to listen to what pinnacle pursuits team leaders were teaching and showering us. All these activities helped connect our class and i am way more comfortable with my class after this trip

Humanities Seycove learner project

What have I learned through humanities in these last couple weeks. Doing a project that only me and one peer have done has been a different experience for me because last year I did do the Oregon trip and I feel it would be a better learning experience to have went on the Alberta trip. Having more peer support helps me get motivated to do my work, but I get stressed out when I have to help my peers a lot. I improved on my organizational skills and I have gotten way better on making my book creator pages look nice, organized and spaced well with designs that relate to the topic. In this project it was my first time using comic life 3 and I found it a useful tool to show evidence in a different way




These are the different themes of Geography and during this project I learned how they affect different places, how to understand them to think of examples and to know what they are and how they affect places

My book creator was a rocky expirience but it worked out well in the end. In the first week I was having trouble with the questions because they felt really confusing and almost philosophical, but after getting help and explanations from teachers I learned to understand them and more importantly simplifying them so i could answer and understand them better

Maker video post 2023

For our first maker project this year we did four videos: what inspires me video, silent video, TikTok video and investigative video. The first one we did was the what inspires me video and i found this one the most fun and engaging one to edit and make. The reason I found it engaging is because it is easy to talk about yourself and the things you do and like. For this project we learned how to edit and make good videos, I personally think it was a good idea to have this video as the first because people put lots of work into it and learned how to use their editing apps very well. Here is the link to my video:  Here is the link to my video: https://youtu.be/z2tQ6i0jxOs?feature=shared


The second video we did was a Tiktok style video and from doing this one i learned how to match the video with music and use a lot of cool features on CapCut like text to speech and transitions. This was the one I enjoyed the second most when filming and editing because i didnt need to go many places and got all my shots at Seycove. If I did this video again I wouldn’t change much about it. Video link: https://youtu.be/5BwnOPpWa6c?feature=shared





The third video I completed was the ocean silent video. Making this video was fun but it took longer, I needed more revisions and it was harder to do because we had to do it with groups but I just did it my self with my group as actors. While making this video I used a water line filter to mimic the ocean and it looked really realistic, so I will definitely use that filter again if I need it. This project really thought me to lead and cooperating with group mates as a leader.If I would do this video again I would get more shots so that the story is more apparent video link: https://youtube.com/shorts/WxudwzCKhqc?feature=shared



The investigative video was the hardest video for me, but it was fun to edit and I felt really good when I handed it in. Interviewing and finding people to interview was the hardest part but after that editing it was easier. I improved my skills in asking questions and gained confidence in talking to people by myself.  I tried to make my video different and include an aspect about myself and my answer to the question and I feel like it worked out very well Video link: https://youtu.be/6Yu0kAA8Zq8?feature=shared



Working on these videos was a great learning experience, my editing skills have greatly improved. I love working on videos and I am exited for future video projects 

Gr8 tpol

Bobby’s T.P.O.L.

Thank you for coming to my presentation of learning. I am the expert on my own learning. I am also responsible and accountable for my own learning. You can expect me to give an honest evaluation of my progress. We will discuss my strengths and opportunities for growth. Thank you in advance for listening and for offering feedback that I can use to improve as a learner.


 I’m going to be presenting my learning from this year and how I am ready for grade 9 plp. I really enjoyed learning this year with plp and I have learned tons. Im exited for starting plp 9 next year 

My best subject this semester was science, I have improved my understanding of cells and microorganisms. I find science very interesting, so it is easier for me to focus on getting my work done. This year I have been doing my best work at science and its been working very well

For my first science project we made poster about washing your hands to put up in primary schools,  for this project I used Canva to make it and it had a nice free background to use

I learned how our bodies work and ways we protect ourselves from bacteria 

One of my favourite projects in science this year was making a scratch video game. It was quite stressful and i procrastinated a lot but in the end i finished my project by borrowing some code from another game. It was fun to try peoples games. My game was a maze where you had 30 seconds to collect parts of an atom and the more you got the higher the score 


This semester we had many projects for humanities  but the first one we did was blue eyed brutes in horned helmets and other tall tales. In this project we made a travel log for for an explorer and I chose  a French guy below is my diary entry as him.

My name is René-Robert Cavelier, Sieur de La Salle but just call me Robert. I was born in Rouen, France. When I was young I was always thinking if there was any other country or place that hadn’t been seen by any eyes. When I grew up I knew what I was gonna do. I wanted to explore past the known colonies in America so I could give France an advantage in battle and resources. I traded metals and weapons lime pots and pans with the indigenous people for a canoe. I started out at the Illinois River. While canoeing I had to be completely focused because the water was choppy and hard to journey through. When I was close to crossing to the Mississippi River I had my first close call. There was a tree that stuck out from the bank and I was seconds away from hitting my head on it, luckily I noticed it or my journey would have failed. I got to the Mississippi River and it was easier from there. When I got to the end of the river I noticed the ocean was much greener than the ones I’ve seen. I claimed the land for France so we could have a advantage in power, land  and named it Louisiana. 


How I have improved my focus this year

setting up reminders on my phone:

putting reminders dears on my phone helps me more then putting reminders on things. This is because I’m quite forgetful when it comes to school work and I dont use my iPad for entertainment on the weekend so i will not touch my iPad until the school week starts, I recognized this so i use reminders on my phone. Some reminders I have to help me: every hour I have a notification to go back to work, which most of the time  helps me realize I have gotten off task and I have a reminder that asks me: do you have any work to do? This helps me remember and has saved me many times


another strategy I have is setting a due date a day or two before the actual date and not allowing myself to hang with friends, go to the skate park or play video games until I finish it.I find it better to finish work early so you don have to worry about it and be completely free after your done.

What my work looked like last year

photo from my power point presentation about Métis people and fur traders


Even though I got a good grade when I look back on it looks quite basic and uninteresting. This is because I didn’t do it until two days before the due date, therefore i couldn’t do my best work. In grade 7 I didn’t do anything to help me not procrastinate and that’s why I feel great about getting better at handing my assignments in on time. Last year on average I turned in 50% of my work on time. I would just avoid it but with my strategy’s I have improved immensely, I’m not all the way there yet, because I still procrastinate, for example I should have done way more work on my tpol before my presentation but I just winged it and hoped for the best.

This year for humanity’s I would estimate that 80% of my work is handed in on time I would have done better but lately I have been having some family issues causing me stress and sleep deprivation, but life happens and my goal is to improve.

the first semester of humanity’s I turned in 14/19 projects on the same day it was due and on the second it was 17/23 on the due date day.

Comparing my ad from science before we did the medium is the message project, you can see it is way more attention grabbing ad interesting

(science ad for washing hands made on Canva)

(Ad made for exhibition, Clark’s restaurant)

My writing last year. I used to just write really run on sentences that didn’t connect to the subject well and i have improved the quality of my writing, by keeping the topic in mind and deleting un relevant sentences that dont add anything except to the word count

(my hero/villain story from last year)

(My mpol)

Last year I had lots of trouble with presentations and public speaking. This year it has become way less daunting, but I still dont enjoy it and prefer other ways of showing my learning. I can present easily now but last year I would worry and stress a lot, but with help from grade 7 teacher I got way better at it, because I felt more comfortable with my peers because I had spent most of my elementary career with them and I was close friends with a most people


now I can do presentations with the right preparations and its thanks to my grade 7 teacher and presenting to my group in the first semester of grade 8




Oregon trip

This year was my first year in PLP and the first trip I went on was the Oregon trip. We did lost of learning but most importantly it was really fun. I came to the trip late because of a band concert the day the large group left but i didn’t really mind, because I got to share two large vans with 6 friends that also attended the concert. Sadly with us being two days late we couldn’t attend the highlife zip lining and it looked like a blast, most people said that the day they did the zip-lining was their favourite day because they also rented a limousine after the bus broke down

What I learned in Oregon 

I learned a lot in Oregon and it wasn’t all educational, some of it was life skills, for example we learned how to manage our time really well because the teachers didn’t wake us up, they didn’t tell us when to do our work and so I learned how to manage my time and not procrastinate. we did learn a lot about marine biology as we had spent many days at the Hatfield marine biology center with many educated employees and did many field studies. One of the field studies that we did was gathering shrimp and checking if they were male or female and if they were pregnant, then we put them back on the beach

Spring exhibition 

I found the spring exhibition way more enjoyable then the winter because my project was better I spent more time on my add then the Pandora’s box from last year and I just didn’t feel proud presenting it before. This year it was different though because 


 the medium is the message 

 For this semester of school I have learned a lot about advertising in our project: the medium is the message. For this project we visited business’s in Oregon and had an interview, we then started drafting ads. Below is my first ad


I didn’t understand the design principles and it was quite basic so I knew I had a lot to improve. After talking to my teachers and getting revisions I checked the Basecamp lessons to make sure my ad represented my business. We learned about how different colours bring out certain emotions. Kelly Green (which is similar to the green I used on my ad) is used to make us feel: safety, harmony stability reliability and balance. 

Clarks restaurant mainly focused on advertising their ice cream, milkshakes fries and burgers, even though they have a menu with 9 pages. the day before group 2 trip left Clark’s called Ms Kadi and told her that we should all try the ice-cream and milkshakes

How poor Europeans benefited from the colonization of Canada



For this project we  did 3 keystones

keystone 1:

we did a guided questions sheet to start a guide for when we are doing keystone 3

keystone 2:

we did a paragraph organizer for keystone 3 and it was really helpful to look back on when I was working on my script.

keystone 3:

keystone 3 was a video on AR Makr talking about a class that came to colonize Canada I talked about poor Europeans that came for wealth or a new start

Here is the photo I used when talking


below is my script

Poor people from Europe came to colonize and settle in Canada because they didn’t have good jobs or opportunities in their home country. Poor Europeans sped up the process of colonization by doing most of the manual labour and hard work: building settlements, starting trade routes with the First Nations and gathering  natural resources. These include: wood furs etc. We


Poor Europeans also helped increase the population because they got grants for land. They moved to New France for a new life but it wasn’t all sunshine and rainbows. The weather conditions were extreme and they didn’t know the land, which resulted in lots of early deaths.

In conclusion poor Europeans impacted canada by building up infrastructure, trade and increased the population by starting family’s 


new exploration

We went to cates park to take a perspective photo of the people arriving to America or the travellers perspective. I chose to do the perspective of the indigenous population seeing them arrive.