How poor Europeans benefited from the colonization of Canada



For this project we  did 3 keystones

keystone 1:

we did a guided questions sheet to start a guide for when we are doing keystone 3

keystone 2:

we did a paragraph organizer for keystone 3 and it was really helpful to look back on when I was working on my script.

keystone 3:

keystone 3 was a video on AR Makr talking about a class that came to colonize Canada I talked about poor Europeans that came for wealth or a new start

Here is the photo I used when talking


below is my script

Poor people from Europe came to colonize and settle in Canada because they didn’t have good jobs or opportunities in their home country. Poor Europeans sped up the process of colonization by doing most of the manual labour and hard work: building settlements, starting trade routes with the First Nations and gathering  natural resources. These include: wood furs etc. We


Poor Europeans also helped increase the population because they got grants for land. They moved to New France for a new life but it wasn’t all sunshine and rainbows. The weather conditions were extreme and they didn’t know the land, which resulted in lots of early deaths.

In conclusion poor Europeans impacted canada by building up infrastructure, trade and increased the population by starting family’s 


new exploration

We went to cates park to take a perspective photo of the people arriving to America or the travellers perspective. I chose to do the perspective of the indigenous population seeing them arrive.






Magnificent Mpol

Thank you for coming to my presentation of learning. I am the expert on my own learning. I am also responsible and accountable for my own learning. You can expect me to give an honest evaluation of my progress. We will discuss my strengths and opportunities for growth. Thank you in advance for listening and for offering feedback that I can use to improve as a learner

 Hello everyone, welcome to my Mpol presentation blog. In this blog I’m going to talk about my projects that I did this semester. With the outsider’s being our first big projects for us grade eights and the first project we did in high school and it was a new experience that was also fun. The learning style with the outsiders was good because we read two chapters a day, keeping us interested and invested in the subject while not having much home work. I enjoyed the in class activities and work, because it was simple and easy to understand. 

The work that i am the least proud of this year is would be my avatar project. I wasn’t very committed to because i was sick when we were building the boxes, and not able to get help from teachers or feedback from peers. I was just at home without many materials. With the avatar project i had an amazing idea but not the skills to make it happen. The idea from it was that all things are connected to the earth and that we can be sustained by our planet forever if we treat it right. Something about the presentation day was that I wasn’t committed enough to stand the whole time. I found it quite frustrating how we were there fro 12 hours that day, and if i could change something i would have liked no school during the day

About me blog post. We did a page on our blog that was just about ourselves. I found it fun because we get to talk abut ourselves but also weird because if anyone wanted to know about me on the internet they could easily find out. 

PLP is getting me out of my comfort zones with, presentations and exhibitions. I may not like it now but i know the reason i went into PLP is to get ahead in life and get a solid education. With each project and post i feel myself slightly more confident and ready to put myself out there again. I like the way we get revisions and feedback to make our work the best we can or at least close 

My favorite blog post was the the geek out post. Here are some images from it:


I did three topics: clash royale, valorant and hiking. My dream day would be to wake up, go skiing or hiking, and then play video games at home. This project was fun and easy because it is a topic I enjoy talking about and its easier to get into the flow of writing. 

Core competencies 


 At Seycove i have made many new friends  and i don’t t have trouble talking to people and making new friends. I am a good teammate most of the time when we do whiteboard activities but sometimes i don’t know either the subject or people and can’t contribute my all. 

Thinking. I am good at generating ideas that make sense and are logical.  When we do whiteboard activities in maker and humanities i am able to contribute with my group and connect ideas. When we did peer revisions this semester i can accurately give feedback and things to improve on


I can work with assigned groups well on activities but may not ask for advice on projects, i will speak what i want to say if i need to and help with activities on whiteboard or activities elsewhere 

How did ideas from Europe and Asia change the world in a triptych

The new ideas and practices from the renaissance and how they changed the world today. People from the renaissance invented new ideas and practices we still use today. Fro example c section was made popular and also a tool called a Trocar. The idea of the tool is the same but the actual tool has been streamlined to be more safe. Its use is to poke a hole in your body to let bad fluids out


The antibiotics of the renaissance. Maggots were use a sort of wound cleaner, almost like antibiotics. People observed how they ate dead skin and cells and thus they were used to clear out wounds and infections



Inequalities. During the renaissance if someone was different or did something that wasn’t easily explained, like new medicine it was seen as witchcraft. People would also accuse others of witchcraft if they didn’t like you or had more power Hospitals were invented in between the 7th ad 12th century but were not like they are now. They had bad service and the medicine wasn’t fitting for the injured. Earlier in the renaissance they were like care homes today. It was said that god gave people illness because of their sins and wrong doings. With advancements in medical knowledge they started transforming into places that could actually heal people and help with injuries. Hospitals provided good food to people in recovery because it was accepted that it could help maintain good health


Why medicine was the most important invention that came out of the renaissance. Medicine has helped nearly triple the lifespan of an average human and make life way easier. Now minor injuries like infections can easily be treated when in the Middle Ages they would have ended your life.

How the renaissance evolved medicine more than the Middle Ages. The reason is that people started studying the human body and doing autopsy’s to find out how someone died and what went wrong

This is my blog post on my triptych project


I made this triptych on SuperimposeX. It is pretty fun to use this app and easy too. I made the choice to do medicine because it affects all of our lives today. If we didn’t have medicinal knowledge or antibiotics covid would have been an even worse time.

I learned a lot about what medicine impacted us and how medicine is a big part of our life, even if we dont notice.

My favourite part is the comparison to phone cameras and glasses and the iPad to a printing press

My least favorite part is the panting above my head. It represents how people in the renaissance were looking back and changing things but its not too obvious

Avatar box exhibition

We had an exhibition at Seycove for our avatar projects. We decorated a room to fit a theme and presented the boxes we made. My room theme was the abandoned planet and my box was a tree connected to the earths core, with two N’avi people eating the apples from the tree

from this presentation I learned how to interact with guests and present a project to people I dont know.

if i could change something about the experience I would have like to have less time at school during the day. It got overwhelming to be at school for almost 12 hours in a row without being able to sit down for the last 6 hours (I still sat a little bit in between guests). If we were to do this exhibition again, I think I would be able to do well and present in more depth