About Me!

Hi, my name is Sebastian and I am a student of Seycove Secondary School, participating in the PLP program (Performance learning program). I joined PLP because I love the creative and much more immersive method of learning, and I prefer doing schoolwork in the form of projects, in collaboration with others or on my own.

A bit of info about me includes that I do sports such as basketball, field hockey, soccer, water polo, cross country, mountain biking, skiing and swimming. I also play two instruments; tenor saxophone, and guitar, and I play both of them in our school’s band programs. 

 I would describe myself as more extroverted, and I love doing things that involve socializing, but on the flip side, I also like doing some things alone. I really enjoy creative writing, and love writing stories and getting lost in them, preferably sci-fi ones. I aspire to be a scientist and author in my future years, and I love sciences like biology, astrophysics, chemistry, and a lot of the more naturalistic sciences. More things I do that are usually individual include drawing, reading sci-fi and adventure books, playing video games, listening to music and watching tv.

I also love going on nature hikes with my family and friends, and have done hikes around the west coast such as The Chief, Sea to Sky, The Grouse Grind, and our own local quarry rock. Going hiking in nature is a big part of my mental health, because it clears my mind, and makes me calmer, and generally more ready for life. Among the topic of nature, I love to go camping with my family, and we go every summer to different places such as Cultus lake, Tofino (I love surfing but only get to do it about twice a year), Squamish, and tons of other destinations.