About me


Hello my name is Sidney, I am a student at seycove I am in the PLP program. I have a pet cat I think it’s called thunder because it’s very loud and is quite cool. For hobbies I like to cook things mostly muffins and bread, I also like to play video games mostly angry birds 2 I’m level 235 and clash royale arena electro valley, I like to go skiing and draw things. Currently I like to read Garfield a.k.a. Lasagna cat, and Redwall. This blog will be used to post PLP projects there will be more later. Some interesting things about me, I have an original Xbox, I have an original Ds, I know a cat that has one volume loud, I have glasses, I think pineapple is good on pizza, I try to beat pay to win games without spending money, I use the motion steering in Mario kart, and I like to explode things in Minecraft.

The stuff in my collage are things I currently find important like friends, angry birds 2, drawing the stand you see in the bottom right corner is one that I drew, the chef hat because I like To cook, the scouts symbol because I am in scouts and have many badges, the skis because I like to ski, the pickle Garfield because I like Garfield, my cat because I they warm me up a lot The banana ducks because I like ducks and bananas, and the Canadian flag because I live in Canada.