After tinkering away at my circuit for the sixth time, I was unable to figure out why it wasn’t working. I was thinking of giving up, but I knew that if I pushed through I might be able to get it to function.

For our final Science project of the year, we explored electricity, circuits, and energy sources. This project was called Exiting Electricity, and the driving question was “How does electricity help shape our society and how can we generate it more sustainably?” In this project we learned how electricity functions, as well as how we harness it. Our final product was an Operation style board game, which put our knowledge of circuits to the test.

To start the project, we learned about how we generate electricity. We weighed the pros and cons of certain energy sources and chose one to focus on. I chose solar energy and made this graphic organizer about it:

We then learned how electricity functions, and how circuits work. We did multiple experiments with circuits until we were confident in our knowledge of electricity. We began designing our Operation style board games. We chose our design, and modelled our box around it. I chose to model by box around a bank heist.

After designing my box, I got to work on the circuit part. The way I had designed my box made it quite hard for me to make my circuit, but I kept at it. It took me multiple tries, and plenty of hard work. I spent time troubleshooting, and I asked my peers for help. In the end, I am glad that I was able to persevere, and I am happy with my completed project. This is a video of my final game in action:

This project taught me to think about how the electricity that I use is generated. I also had to be as resilient as I could. My problem solving skills were pushed. I am glad that I was able to accomplish what I did, and I am happy with what I created.