hey guys!

My name’s Simon. I’m a Canadian student, and I’m rather new to blogging, and I must say, I’m kinda confused by some of this. I love reading, writing, arts, YouTube, basketball and a bunch of other things. I’ve got two dogs, one named Kit and the other Otis. They won’t really be mentioned. I’m not very good with websites, and I’m happy how this turned out.I’ve got a big sister who also has one of these blogs. She’s in grade 10. I’m not a big fan of mountain biking or soccer, but I can understand why some people would enjoy it. I like to think of myself as calm, but I know that I can get really into something. My posts may be intense at times. Apologizes in advance.I’m a huge fan of classical rock such as the beetles or queen. That’s why I picked my header image. Also, I love that picture. I took it a few days ago at a local music store called Deep Cove Music.I find this app a little tricky, so feel free to leave little tips and tricks in the comments!