My Video Game

I loved doing this project! This project was all about matter! First we learned about mass, volume, and density. Then we learned about solid liquid gases and plasmas. From there we learned about atoms and the structure of atoms. In our final project we had to create a video game. The video game had to be related to something That we learned about in the past keystones. I chose to focus on the parts of an atom, the neutron, proton, and electron. We learned that these are when heat is added to an atom it can go faster. In my game merged these two ideas to get my final product. How it works is there is a beaker on the bottom of the screen you must move the beaker to catch the proton, neutron, or electron. But, if you catch a electron your score goes down my one, if you catch a neutron your score stays the same, and if you catch a proton your score goes up by one. This is because electrons have a negative charge, neutrons have a neutral charge, and you guessed it, protons have a positive charge. This project was so fun and the possibilities were endless. It was so fun seeing what other people in the class made and how everyone thinks differently when given the same statement. Overall I loved making this project, and I loved how creative I got to be!Β 

My Video Game!

Syddy Giddy out!

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