With this page, I would like to reflect on what I have learned about myself and my ability and capacity to work in the team during the last month.

Tom in a team

When I am in a team, I specialize in giving and explaining my ideas. I think and hope that my way is inclusive and very encouraging. I will help my team members with things that I know and ask for help with things that I don’t know.
In a team I usually ask my teammates for feedback or ideas when I’m stuck on something. I work a lot better when I’m in a team because of the help given,  received and because of the brainstorming. I like to work out bigger parts on my own when I can, with occasional stops by my group to ask for help to make sure I am not going completely off track.

There were three significant milestones which will help me to document this:

    • My Memoji
    • My User Manual
    • My individual Media


My Memoji

This was the first piece I have started with. If you know me, you would notice, this is pretty accurate 🙂 It shows my love for snowboarding (Burton) and skateboarding (kader). I like doughnuts and pastries a lot. The two chibis represent different manga that I have read (Tokyo Revengers and Demon Slayer). The gronk and the moustache are just there because I thought they looked cool.


My User Manual

To help my team (and the teachers) understand me, I have created my User Manual. Here are few important details to know about me:


My Individual Media

This is a drawing symbolizing my ability to come up with ideas.

The first panel shows me sharing my idea and the group adding on bits that would make the idea better.
Second panel is showing us – the team – creating, specifying and defining the idea.
In the last panel, my group and I are showing off our amazing creation.

This is the exact same process as we have done for each of our in class team activities.

Conclusion Paragraph

Creating this page and all the experiences that I went through in preparation to the project really taught me the importance and power of working in a group. The things that I could do by myself pale in comparison to what I could do with my group.