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Maker 8

Photos of falling – snowboarding series

Post number 3 in the snowboarding series! This one is about this photo right here! Story behind the photo: Learning is hard. This is the reason behind this series, and I’m going to try to show it in pictures. They… Continue Reading →

Three Easiest Snowboarding Tricks and Some Helpful Tips on How to Learn Them

Learning a new sport can be very hard, and it’s even harder when you don’t have any guidance.  To start: you should be an experienced rider if you are trying to learn jump tricks in a park. If you can’t… Continue Reading →

Snowboarding! Why It’s My Favourite Sport

Why am I making this post and some stuff coming up So, I just got back to school and we don’t have much time until the term ends, so we are going to have some shorter projects for now. This… Continue Reading →

The Outsiders – a maker project

I read a book. Let me explain.  In our humanities class we were assigned to read the book “The Outsiders”, by S.E. Hinton. While we read the book, we learned about the second part of our worldview project. For first… Continue Reading →

The power of a photo – a maker reflection post

Hello, hello. We have finished yet another project and as each project goes, it is time to reflect on my learning.  This project This is the second part of the project. The first part is about communication through drawing and… Continue Reading →

Becoming A Student in the PLP

This is a reflection blog post about the first Maker project, “becoming a PLP Learner”.  This is the introduction project to Performance Learning Program (PLP). Throughout the project we learned about key pieces of PLP, such as curricular competencies, learning… Continue Reading →

My Teamwork

With this page, I would like to reflect on what I have learned about myself and my ability and capacity to work in the team during the last month. Tom in a team When I am in a team, I… Continue Reading →

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