My photography story

I first learned about photography with my grade 7 teacher, Ms. Denny. She showed us all the different kind of angles and shots. Sometimes my mom and I would go outside and practice with her phone. We did several kinds of shots after school including different shutter speeds. Some of them looked really cool. We used an app.

In grade 8 I returned to photography lessons. Our first lesson was taking shots of ourselves from different angles. I had to redo the assignment a bunch of times because I didn’t read the instructions. Even after I figured it out I still found it difficult. Having to do the homework at home instead of at school was a challenge. When I was at home I was able to do different weird shots that I thought were hilarious. One picture of me in a barrel looks like my head is just floating there. It was a perspective o technique. The perspective one was my favourite out of all the assignments.

We also had to take a shot that had a old to go with it. My mood was grumpy. I used various filters in the photos app to achieve the gloomy and grumpy look.Having the masks on really helped the photo because it hid their expressions. I think they might have been smiling under there.

One of our assignments was to go around the school and take pictures of letters then edit them into our names. I learned that letters are hidden everywhere. It didn’t take me very long to find all the letter. I edited the photos in keynote.

Even though I had a book to help me out, it didn’t help me out at all. I forgot about the book’s existence. However, that doesn’t matter as I am able to create things on the spot really well. I am very good at going through tools. I had a problem with one of my gifs though. It simple wouldn’t play. I haven’t figured out a way to fix it yet. This is supposed to be giving a thumbs up.

With the last two assignments I didn’t have to do the over again because I paid attention and followed the instruction. Reading the instructions top to bottom really helped with my project.