‘Arrg, Matey! 🏴‍☠️

Our driving question ❓ for this project was; “What where the cause & consequences of European exploration” and I shall happily explain.

The causes were as follows;

‘The Satisfaction of Curiosity’ The Europeans were very curious 🧐  about what was beyond their sight, and if you have a question ❓it feels so satisfying to solve it.

“The pursuit of trade

The spread of religion

The desire for security and political power


  • The Columbian Exchange
  • Increased international trade

DI Reflection post

During DI I learned that… A) Never trust teenagers to do work. B) My spirit animal is a sloth, because we are both lazy. C) I have anger issues. And D) I am a wuss.

the work we did was simple we had to make a backdrop (that could change scenes), and several other props. The props included: a pot plant, a pice of cardboard w/ a castle design, & a crystal. We also had to design costumes for a king & civilians. We had a lot to do.

Daniel, Jasper, Kate, Seth, Chris, Brooke, Keira

Chemistry Coding Reflection 🧪

How can the behaviour of matter be explained by kinetic molecular theory and atomic theory? To answer that I have to learn about molecular and atomic theories. In class, I learned about atomic theory through the different atomic models and worksheets. I learned about molecular theory through worksheets. We explained our knowledge through a game that we coded ourselves.

Questioning and predicting: I think I am accomplished in questioning and predicting because all my class time was used effectively to finish my work and code my game. I also was interested in coding my game the science and math that were used in this project.

Scientific communication: I think I am accomplished because I knew and understood several different atoms and molecules. Another reason why is because I represented a finished model of particle motion shown and a historical model of an atom is in my game. I also used scientific methods, techniques, and ideas to show my learning in my game and my atomic model’s research.

Reasoning and analyzing: I think I am accomplished because I made a well-coded scratch game with functional controls. My game also showed the kinetic molecular theory correctly. My game is also easy and fun to play.

Here is the link to my game

Renaissance Blog Post

I included Leonardo DaVinci, a modern tank and a modern helicopter in my tryptych.  Leonardo DaVinci designed, basically, the first tank and helicopter. While Leonardo valued peace he also valued design.  Humanism in the Renaissance meant advancement in science along with other things. My triptych shows how Leonardo’s designs led to modern war machines.


Helicopters, tanks and gunpowder impact us today because they have help us win many conflicts. If these advancements weren’t here then wars would probably turn out a lot different. If the Renaissance never happened and scientific progress wasn’t a part of Humanism  the Ukraine there wouldn’t be bombings and tanks rolling up every five minutes.


My renaissance triptych


During this project I learned  several skills in SuperimposeX including;

  • How to import photos
  • How to add layers & colour
  • Changing the size of images
  • Cutting out unnecessary clutter
  • Un-cutting clutter
  • Merging layers




High school is a lot different than elementary school. The amount of work is crazy!  The work is hard for me and there is a lot of it.  In elementary school Ms. Carla helped me with my work.  Her job was the make sure I didn’t fall behind.  Ben and Shawn help me the social stuff but I think I need more help with the work.  Trying to figure out when things are due and where things are in Showbie and Basecamp is a bit difficult.  However I got sorted out with Basecamp and found more things by January but taking the time to click everything and look around.  I think I am getting the hang of it.



In elementary school I was in class a lot less than I am now.  In grade 8, I am in class a lot more. This means I hear more of the lessons.  This means I can finish my assignments more efficiently.  I feel like that means I am growing as a learner.



I am growing with my group work because I am now volunteering to come to meetings and actually paying attention.   I know my group members are good people so when I finally asked for help they gave it to me.  I wish I asked sooner.



In my Learning Plan I talked about how I need to ask for help more.  I think I’ve been doing that.  Since I now have an LAC block I can catch up on homework with Ms. Brady.  I think this will make a difference.

I am grumpy most of the time in class (minus LAC, PE & Drama). This doesn’t help me with my learning because when I’m grumpy I often don’t pay that much attention.

I personally like it when things are on track & completed ✅.  If I can see a clear list of things to do then I do a better job on the assignment.

I’m taking LAC in semester 2  to catch-up with my work, and sometimes I do homework with my mom. She makes lots of lists and it helps me.  My mom types for me sometimes if I need help so I can just think.



I got better at following directions for the homework. I could have contributed more in class.

I don’t think I did well on DI (Maker) because it is very confusing (especially the finer details). I could have done better by documenting what I learned.  if I had done that I could have easily remembered the steps of DI.


I got better at following keeping up with my assignments. I could have practiced more for The Outsiders tableau.

The Outsiders Reflective Post


I got better at my understanding with science (especially learning about lazars). I could have shared my ideas more during class discussions.

Lazar Laws (Scimatics) was really enjoyable because, I learned so much about Lazars. For example, I learnt that lazars can get stupid powerful (10 million billion watts powerful).

Scimatics Lazar

PE –

I got better at stretching. I could have brought my gym strip more often.

My highlight for PE is golfing

When I am retrying work half the time I’m flexible, half the time I’m not.  It doesn’t really matter what my mood is or subject it is.  I don’t know why my flexibility is … flexible.

When I’m working with a group I’m good at listening to people’s ideas. I need to share my ideas more. Also, sometimes I get stuck & need a break (Especially if the group is loud or if their ideas keep changing).

When I’m stuck, I ask my teacher/EA for help.

Thank you for listening, any questions?

My DI Journey

My DI journey so far has been unknown because I have a very bad memory. Combine that with the fact that my group has really left me out when it comes to DI I find myself in a bit of a pickle. I knew I was in a DI group and that was about it. 

I am currently trying to fix that problem by interacting with the group. I made a schedule for myself, I checked Basecamp more carefully and added things that were missing.  For example, I added my contracts, inventory and a research article. We tried to have a meeting Sunday but everyone was busy. We decided to reschedule for Monday. At the meeting I will ask them to help me get up to date and what I can do as Idea Manager. 

I want to participate but I’m not quite sure what’s holding me back. I believe Ben or Shawn can help interact with my group members. I always get nervous talking to groups. I should talk to the group about my nerves. 

I am most concerned about as I have a history of messing things up. I don’t do it on purpose. My natural instincts get the better of me. That means I shut down. This project is a very big challenge for me.

Scimatics Lazar

Before I learned about lazars I thought it would be boring. I usually think something that I don’t understand will be boring. Before I this class I thought lazars were sci fi only, like death rays you see in action movies. Boy, was I wrong about being bored and death rays.

Overall the project was really fun. I like science and math anyway and this was both. I was surprised that lazars were actually a real thing. I was worried that if looked at the lazar a certain way I would go blind. I was careful with the lazar when I was experimenting with it and setting it up.

If I grow up to design or repair locomotives, lazars might be useful for welding.

2)  (I am having trouble loading the picture of my web.  I will need help.  It is on Showbie)    

3) Write about each curricular competency

Questioning and predicting: I demonstrated a sustained intellectual curiosity about a scientific topic or problem of personal interest by :

I demonstrated curiosity about the topic. I asked several questions during the project and eventually got them answered.  For example, I asked can lazars cut through anything. The short answer is no. I really thought lazars would be able to cut through ANYTHING! I am glad I asked the question.

Communicating and Representing: I represented mathematical ideas in concrete, pictorial, and symbolic forms when I:

I used Pythagorean Therom to figure out the dimensions of our triangle for our lazar display. It helped us figure out where to place the mirrors. The angle of triangle was the angle of the lazar. That was our concrete triangle. If we got the math wrong our triangle would have been messed up and our triangles would have gone all over the place. I used the website Mr. Gross gave us to plan out the laser display. We used symbolic triangles to show where our lazer triangle would be at on the website


Applying and innovating: I co-operatively designed projects when I:

I helped one of my teammates hot glue details onto our display. I helped get materials for the display. I suggested the theme of the display.  It was Underground Scientist Laboratory.  I was very happy the group chose my idea. I helped position the lazar. The other kids helped me. It felt satisfying to have a great project come to a great end.


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