TPoL Post

Mr./Ms. (teacher’s name), this is my mom, Christa Smith. D

Thank you for coming to my presentation of learning. I am the expert on my own learning. I am also responsible and accountable for my own learning. You can expect me to give an honest evaluation of my progress. We will discuss my strengths and opportunities for growth. Thank you in advance for listening and for offering feedback that I can use to improve as a learner.

The most interesting thing I learned was Tinkercad because  it’s cool.  It’s based on design. I like designing things. Tinkercad gives me ultimate freedom to design. I use it in my free time to design trains, of course.  Link to ultimate design

I find find growth charts, MPOL and tpols the most boring because they are frustrating because I save them to the last minute.  I have a really hard remembering things so reflecting is hard. I struggle with negative self talk these days. I think because I’m a teenager. I have a very hard time taking praise so praising myself is next to impossible. To cope I act like my work is complete garbage even though I know it isn’t. I also wait until the last minute or it’s overdue. I feel pathetic with these assignments they make me look like a failure because I wait so long to start them. 

With Tinkercad I had lots of freedom to do the assignment.  With the learning charts and pols I have limited freedom on how I can finish it. With Tinkercad or any design app I learn I am confident and know I can find any solution.  With learning charts I feel that when I talk about myself it goes down hill really fast. I feel depressed and just want to ignore them. 

My strategies to complete assignments were Simple. I winged it. It worked sometimes. I’m better at trading criteria now instead of just guessing what the teacher wanted me to do. I made a decision to actually read through the Basecamp stuff so I knew what to do. I need a lot more support with time management. Especially on the big projects breaking them into smaller chunks. I need to ask my mom to remind me what things are due when so I can get help on them. I need to go to my mom’s to get work done when it’s a dad week. I can’t concentrate at my dad’s and I just forget about school work when I’m there. 

For sure I FAILed in time management. I am still working on it. I got better in second semester because I had LAC. They helped me managed my time and helped keep track of due dates. They reminded me by telling me what was coming up. It helped me get my assignments done in time more often. It helped me at home too because I had a quiet place to work a few times a week. I don’t find the school work hard. I find it hard to keep track of it all. I learned that I will still need help with time managing in grade 9 but I am getting a little but better.

If you want an actual example of FAIL, when I was doing my Chemistry Coding mind map I got some feedback from Mr. Harris.  I revised it and it was much better. I got a sunny in the end. I learned that I can always use a bit of feedback. Teachers are trying to help me with my work.

I am good at using LAC time appropriately by finishing up my work. That way I have less work to do at home. I know the tutorials for things are in the morning but I need that time to have a break and preparing my brain for the day. If I don’t have that morning break I lose my temper more easily. I need to figure out how to make the soft start and tutorials co-exist. I didn’t find a way this year. Asking for help is really hard. Teachers tell me to show up to the tutorials but if I do that instead of soft start that I can’t manage my temper. I’m not sure what to do about that. 

Atomic models and atomic theory quiz were good because it was scimatics. I understood it better than humanities because there is a right or wrong answer. I’m kind of black and white like that. Link to atomic model 

Ultimate design and tinkercad were fun because there was a clear right and wrong way to do the work. Including and design and math with trains meant I had unlimited freedom to show what I knew. 

In the PLP exhibition I showed people how I used. Tinkercad. It was easy. I wouldn’t say I was a good teacher but the video spoke for itself.

I found Khan quizzes simple and easy. I took the tests more than once so I could get a good grade. I still learned things that way and it was fun.

Scimatics work book assignments were too because I followed the instructions. I did the readings and answered the questions. I also like scimatics because it is chill and laid back. Mr. Harris is also chilled and laid back. He made it easy to learn because I was so relaxed. 

Am I ready for grade 9? Yes I am. It is quite simple. Every new grade I go into I can tackle like a champ. I am getting better and better every year at managing myself. Considering from grade 5-7 I had 100% EA supervision I think I handled grade 8 like a champ. It was a big change not having someone with me all the time. Sure. I messed up from time to time but that is normal for me. I think I am going to be able to handle things better next year. I think you do too. 

TPoL Post

I learned a lot of skills this year (2022), i will be listing these skills by the class I learnt them in.

Humanities/Maker taught me how to use SuperimposeX, how to do exhibition, how to make an EBook, how to find reliable sources, how to use ARMaker & taught me about Canada’s 🇨🇦 early history.

Scimatics taught me how to do fractions, how tectonic plates work, how lazars and mirrors🪞interact, how to code👨‍💻, how to make 3D models & how to use Comic Life 3.

Engineering taught me how to work with wood & heavy equipment.

LAC helped me with my homework.

all in all 2022 has been the best of the 2020s so far, I mean in 2020 alone the US military killed an top ranking Iranian (January), covid shut China🇨🇳 down (February), Covid attempted to wipe us out (March), protesting everywhere (April/May), the whole anti-racism thing went commando (June), a bus driver committed not alive (July), there was a MASSIVE EXPLOSION in Beirut (August), Trump tested positive for covid (September), there was a MISSILE STRIKE in Azeri (October), MORE PROTESTING (November), and mass shootings in Berlin (December)!

Ultimate Design Challenge

I started this project with one goal in mind: I. Am. Going. To. Make. A. E2. So i started, i would be replacing a LB&SCR E2 Class 0-6-0T. However, i wanted to modify the engine to look more like Thomas the Tank Engine.

E2 #105

The driving question was: How can we design an object to optimize its shape? We also had to use at least 10 shapes. So we had some restraints. My goal was to create a 3d model of a LB&SCR E2x Class 0-6-0T. The ‘x’ means it is a rebuild of the original. So i decided to get to work.

A photoshop of E2 #105 into a photo of Thomas

I created the model to maximize surface area. I also decided to add some stylistic choices. Here is my design:

i had 13 main shapes:

  • Rectangular prism x5
  • Cylinder x5
  • Semi-Cylinder x2
  • Semi-sphere x1

I needed to find the Surface Area & Volume of each shape. Here are the calculations:

Smoke Box:

π30.882 x 29.85 = 89,423mm3 Cylinder

25.21 x 19.67 x 20.90 = 10,364mm3 Rectangular Prism


π9.452 x 25.37 = 7,117.6mm3 Cylinder

π12.602 x 2.99 = 1,491.3mm3 Cylinder

Wheel Arches:

(1/2)π20.92 x 9.4 = 6,449.7mm3 Semi Cylinder

(1/2)π20.92 x 9.4 = 6,449.7mm3 Semi Cylinder

Side Tanks:

50.42 x 56.19 x 29.85 = 84,568mm3 Rectangular Prism

50.42 x 16.86 x 17.91 = 15,225mm3 Rectangular Prism


π30.882 x 73.05 = 218, 839mm3 Cylinder


π14.972 x 8.96 = 6, 308.1mm3 Cylinder

(2/3) π7.22 = 7.5 Semi-Sphere


50.42 x 33.71 x 52.24 = 88,790mm3 Rectangular Prism

(1/2)π2.992 x 3.71 = 158.3mm3 Semi-cylinder


50.42 x 16.86 x 38.81 = 32,992mm3 Rectangular Prism


‘Arrg, Matey! 🏴‍☠️

Our driving question ❓ for this project was; “What where the cause & consequences of European exploration” and I shall happily explain.

The causes were as follows;

‘The Satisfaction of Curiosity’ The Europeans were very curious 🧐  about what was beyond their sight, and if you have a question ❓it feels so satisfying to solve it.

“The pursuit of trade

The spread of religion

The desire for security and political power


  • The Columbian Exchange
  • Increased international trade

DI Reflection post

During DI I learned that… A) Never trust teenagers to do work. B) My spirit animal is a sloth, because we are both lazy. C) I have anger issues. And D) I am a wuss.

the work we did was simple we had to make a backdrop (that could change scenes), and several other props. The props included: a pot plant, a pice of cardboard w/ a castle design, & a crystal. We also had to design costumes for a king & civilians. We had a lot to do.

Daniel, Jasper, Kate, Seth, Chris, Brooke, Keira

Chemistry Coding Reflection 🧪

How can the behaviour of matter be explained by kinetic molecular theory and atomic theory? To answer that I have to learn about molecular and atomic theories. In class, I learned about atomic theory through the different atomic models and worksheets. I learned about molecular theory through worksheets. We explained our knowledge through a game that we coded ourselves.

Questioning and predicting: I think I am accomplished in questioning and predicting because all my class time was used effectively to finish my work and code my game. I also was interested in coding my game the science and math that were used in this project.

Scientific communication: I think I am accomplished because I knew and understood several different atoms and molecules. Another reason why is because I represented a finished model of particle motion shown and a historical model of an atom is in my game. I also used scientific methods, techniques, and ideas to show my learning in my game and my atomic model’s research.

Reasoning and analyzing: I think I am accomplished because I made a well-coded scratch game with functional controls. My game also showed the kinetic molecular theory correctly. My game is also easy and fun to play.

Here is the link to my game

(I tried to make your speed drop with the temperature, but it didn’t work)

Renaissance Blog Post

I included Leonardo DaVinci, a modern tank and a modern helicopter in my tryptych.  Leonardo DaVinci designed, basically, the first tank and helicopter. While Leonardo valued peace he also valued design.  Humanism in the Renaissance meant advancement in science along with other things. My triptych shows how Leonardo’s designs led to modern war machines.


Helicopters, tanks and gunpowder impact us today because they have help us win many conflicts. If these advancements weren’t here then wars would probably turn out a lot different. If the Renaissance never happened and scientific progress wasn’t a part of Humanism  the Ukraine there wouldn’t be bombings and tanks rolling up every five minutes.


My renaissance triptych


During this project I learned  several skills in SuperimposeX including;

  • How to import photos
  • How to add layers & colour
  • Changing the size of images
  • Cutting out unnecessary clutter
  • Un-cutting clutter
  • Merging layers




High school is a lot different than elementary school. The amount of work is crazy!  The work is hard for me and there is a lot of it.  In elementary school Ms. Carla helped me with my work.  Her job was the make sure I didn’t fall behind.  Ben and Shawn help me the social stuff but I think I need more help with the work.  Trying to figure out when things are due and where things are in Showbie and Basecamp is a bit difficult.  However I got sorted out with Basecamp and found more things by January but taking the time to click everything and look around.  I think I am getting the hang of it.



In elementary school I was in class a lot less than I am now.  In grade 8, I am in class a lot more. This means I hear more of the lessons.  This means I can finish my assignments more efficiently.  I feel like that means I am growing as a learner.



I am growing with my group work because I am now volunteering to come to meetings and actually paying attention.   I know my group members are good people so when I finally asked for help they gave it to me.  I wish I asked sooner.



In my Learning Plan I talked about how I need to ask for help more.  I think I’ve been doing that.  Since I now have an LAC block I can catch up on homework with Ms. Brady.  I think this will make a difference.

I am grumpy most of the time in class (minus LAC, PE & Drama). This doesn’t help me with my learning because when I’m grumpy I often don’t pay that much attention.

I personally like it when things are on track & completed ✅.  If I can see a clear list of things to do then I do a better job on the assignment.

I’m taking LAC in semester 2  to catch-up with my work, and sometimes I do homework with my mom. She makes lots of lists and it helps me.  My mom types for me sometimes if I need help so I can just think.



I got better at following directions for the homework. I could have contributed more in class.

I don’t think I did well on DI (Maker) because it is very confusing (especially the finer details). I could have done better by documenting what I learned.  if I had done that I could have easily remembered the steps of DI.


I got better at following keeping up with my assignments. I could have practiced more for The Outsiders tableau.

The Outsiders Reflective Post


I got better at my understanding with science (especially learning about lazars). I could have shared my ideas more during class discussions.

Lazar Laws (Scimatics) was really enjoyable because, I learned so much about Lazars. For example, I learnt that lazars can get stupid powerful (10 million billion watts powerful).

Scimatics Lazar

PE –

I got better at stretching. I could have brought my gym strip more often.

My highlight for PE is golfing

When I am retrying work half the time I’m flexible, half the time I’m not.  It doesn’t really matter what my mood is or subject it is.  I don’t know why my flexibility is … flexible.

When I’m working with a group I’m good at listening to people’s ideas. I need to share my ideas more. Also, sometimes I get stuck & need a break (Especially if the group is loud or if their ideas keep changing).

When I’m stuck, I ask my teacher/EA for help.

Thank you for listening, any questions?

My DI Journey

My DI journey so far has been unknown because I have a very bad memory. Combine that with the fact that my group has really left me out when it comes to DI I find myself in a bit of a pickle. I knew I was in a DI group and that was about it. 

I am currently trying to fix that problem by interacting with the group. I made a schedule for myself, I checked Basecamp more carefully and added things that were missing.  For example, I added my contracts, inventory and a research article. We tried to have a meeting Sunday but everyone was busy. We decided to reschedule for Monday. At the meeting I will ask them to help me get up to date and what I can do as Idea Manager. 

I want to participate but I’m not quite sure what’s holding me back. I believe Ben or Shawn can help interact with my group members. I always get nervous talking to groups. I should talk to the group about my nerves. 

I am most concerned about as I have a history of messing things up. I don’t do it on purpose. My natural instincts get the better of me. That means I shut down. This project is a very big challenge for me.

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