Case for a Nation

It a game about how the CPR connected Canada, need I say more?

Okay in case you’re new here, here’s some more information.

The Canadian Pacific Railway (CPR) is essential to Canadian nationalism because it has played a major role in the expansion of Canada, the promotion of tourism, immigration as well as the country’s efforts during both world wars. The CPR transported goods from coast to coast and back again, it would also transport immigrants to ether the prairies or BC. This was very important for the success of Canada. Case in point, British Columbia. Before BC was apart of Canada, it was in the middle of intense staring contest between British North America (BNA, aka Canada) and Oregon, in the end BC agreed to join Canada IF a trans continental railway was built, and so it was. 

Rise of the Frankinstuffies! 🧟‍♂️

When I started this project, I was a bit of a pain about it. (I have severe aichmophobia) However when I convinced Ms. Pitches of letting me make a digital T&F OC, I was ecstatic! In the end I ended up choosing a LSWR 0298 as the base and Stacy as the name. Originally she was painted in Red with Gold Lining, however I decided that the story would take place when she first arrived on Sodor so I went with LSWR royal mint green. Her personality was decided after a discussion at dinner with my mom, who suggested a rather stuck-up personality. When I started writing, I only had the first story in mind, I made up the rest as I went along. The trailer was much of the same. Am I proud of this project? Yup 👍. I learned that teachers can be flexible and if i have a good plan and negotiate with them, they might let me do it my way. I covered all of the expectations. (except for the sewing part)

M-Poll 2023



June 2023-ish
This is Francis from ✨Ze Future✨ DISCLAIMER I wrote this while quite angry 😡  I lied to my mom and told her I didn‘t have to do this assignment. She found out. But too late. In this I am very rude to my teachers and myself, neither of whom deserve such.  You can sincere because I am using fancy words. I don’t remember why I was so mad but that it irrelevant. I am choosing not to change it as a way to reflect in the future and not make the same mistake again.

January 2023 ish
How have I demonstrated growth as a learner so far this year?

I’m handling things i don’t like better and better 

How can I sharpen my Learning Plan to ensure I will reach my learning targets by the end of this school year?

By following the schedule me and my mom made last year

Of the work you completed so far this year, what are you least proud of? Why?

Almost all of it, because it is the definition of a dumpster fire 🔥

What project did you struggle with? Why?

Almost every project, because I’m really not the sharpest tool in the box

What is the most interesting thing you have learned so far year? What did you find most boring? What was the difference between the two experiences?

Most interesting has to our Alberta trip (although I only went to rogers pass before calling it quits). As for most boring? Well… every single other learning experience. With the main difference being trains 🚂 (take the hint seycove, t a k e  t h e  h i n t)

What decisions did you make about how to approach different projects this year?

To just go for it, -which was a terrible idea

How did you decide how to allocate your time and attention?

I put my attention to the most important thing at hand

How did you “FAIL” this year? What did you learn from this experience?

I failed in pretty much every aspect

Did all the work you completed this year meet your standards?

Nope. Not even close.

What skills did you use and what skills do you need to continue to develop?

The only “skill” I have the fact that whoever grades my work sucks at their job

Did your goals for your work change as you worked on it?

Nope. Not in the slightest.

When did you feel dissatisfied during the process of working on projects?

During the entire thing

What did/do you find frustrating about PLP work?

The fact that I’m too stupid to understand what the [___] is going on

What does your work reveal about you as a learner?

That I’m as dumb as a brick

If you could change something about the work you have done so far this year, what would it be?

Actually follow the instructions

What’s the one thing that you have seen in your classmates’ work or process that you would like to try in your next project?

Following the freaking instructions!

What are you going to strive to achieve in the remainder of the school year?

A higher IQ

TPoL Post

Mr./Ms. (teacher’s name), this is my mom, Christa Smith. D

Thank you for coming to my presentation of learning. I am the expert on my own learning. I am also responsible and accountable for my own learning. You can expect me to give an honest evaluation of my progress. We will discuss my strengths and opportunities for growth. Thank you in advance for listening and for offering feedback that I can use to improve as a learner.

The most interesting thing I learned was Tinkercad because  it’s cool.  It’s based on design. I like designing things. Tinkercad gives me ultimate freedom to design. I use it in my free time to design trains, of course.  Link to ultimate design

I find find growth charts, MPOL and tpols the most boring because they are frustrating because I save them to the last minute.  I have a really hard remembering things so reflecting is hard. I struggle with negative self talk these days. I think because I’m a teenager. I have a very hard time taking praise so praising myself is next to impossible. To cope I act like my work is complete garbage even though I know it isn’t. I also wait until the last minute or it’s overdue. I feel pathetic with these assignments they make me look like a failure because I wait so long to start them. 

With Tinkercad I had lots of freedom to do the assignment.  With the learning charts and pols I have limited freedom on how I can finish it. With Tinkercad or any design app I learn I am confident and know I can find any solution.  With learning charts I feel that when I talk about myself it goes down hill really fast. I feel depressed and just want to ignore them. 

My strategies to complete assignments were Simple. I winged it. It worked sometimes. I’m better at trading criteria now instead of just guessing what the teacher wanted me to do. I made a decision to actually read through the Basecamp stuff so I knew what to do. I need a lot more support with time management. Especially on the big projects breaking them into smaller chunks. I need to ask my mom to remind me what things are due when so I can get help on them. I need to go to my mom’s to get work done when it’s a dad week. I can’t concentrate at my dad’s and I just forget about school work when I’m there. 

For sure I FAILed in time management. I am still working on it. I got better in second semester because I had LAC. They helped me managed my time and helped keep track of due dates. They reminded me by telling me what was coming up. It helped me get my assignments done in time more often. It helped me at home too because I had a quiet place to work a few times a week. I don’t find the school work hard. I find it hard to keep track of it all. I learned that I will still need help with time managing in grade 9 but I am getting a little but better.

If you want an actual example of FAIL, when I was doing my Chemistry Coding mind map I got some feedback from Mr. Harris.  I revised it and it was much better. I got a sunny in the end. I learned that I can always use a bit of feedback. Teachers are trying to help me with my work.

I am good at using LAC time appropriately by finishing up my work. That way I have less work to do at home. I know the tutorials for things are in the morning but I need that time to have a break and preparing my brain for the day. If I don’t have that morning break I lose my temper more easily. I need to figure out how to make the soft start and tutorials co-exist. I didn’t find a way this year. Asking for help is really hard. Teachers tell me to show up to the tutorials but if I do that instead of soft start that I can’t manage my temper. I’m not sure what to do about that. 

Atomic models and atomic theory quiz were good because it was scimatics. I understood it better than humanities because there is a right or wrong answer. I’m kind of black and white like that. Link to atomic model 

Ultimate design and tinkercad were fun because there was a clear right and wrong way to do the work. Including and design and math with trains meant I had unlimited freedom to show what I knew. 

In the PLP exhibition I showed people how I used. Tinkercad. It was easy. I wouldn’t say I was a good teacher but the video spoke for itself.

I found Khan quizzes simple and easy. I took the tests more than once so I could get a good grade. I still learned things that way and it was fun.

Scimatics work book assignments were too because I followed the instructions. I did the readings and answered the questions. I also like scimatics because it is chill and laid back. Mr. Harris is also chilled and laid back. He made it easy to learn because I was so relaxed. 

Am I ready for grade 9? Yes I am. It is quite simple. Every new grade I go into I can tackle like a champ. I am getting better and better every year at managing myself. Considering from grade 5-7 I had 100% EA supervision I think I handled grade 8 like a champ. It was a big change not having someone with me all the time. Sure. I messed up from time to time but that is normal for me. I think I am going to be able to handle things better next year. I think you do too. 

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