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Emoticons 😁 | Blogging Challenge Day 7


Emoji Challenge 🤔

Day seven of the blogging challenge is all about emojis. For this post we are supposed to create a short story using randomly generated emojis. We used this site called byrdseed to generate the emojis randomly.

My emojis 👇

Story Time 📖

Once upon a time there was a top hat named Jerry. All Jerry wanted was for someone to buy him so he could be worn. One day the shop owner decided to take Jerry to some shops to try and sell him. Because of that the shop owner ended up bringing Jerry to a horse race. Because of that a rich farmer saw Jerry and decided to buy him. Until finally when the farmer brought Jerry back to his farm a cop showed up. The cop arrested the farmer for cheating in the races. The farmer was never seen again and Jerry was forever alone. The end.

Ending Thoughts 💭 

Thank you for reading another entry from the blogging challenge. This one was surprisingly fun which I was not expecting as I saw it being kind of ridiculous. Turns out it has been quite fun to write! Let me know what you thought in the comments and I’ll see you on my next post!

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