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Week 8: Holidays!

Hello, and welcome back or if you are new, welcome to my blog!

For this week, one of the tasks asked us to write about the holidays that our families celebrate. 

My family and I may not religious but, we still celebrate holidays like Christmas, Halloween and Easter. But, for this  In this part of my post, I will only be doing holidays that my family celebrates in December. I will explain those holidays in detail and possibly, if my family and I have any specific traditions. So let’s just jump into it!


Now, this holiday is very important to my family and is also the one that we celebrate the most. We put up lots and lots of decorations inside and outside of the house, we get a huge Christmas tree and decorate it until there is absolutely no space left on the tree! 

To prepare for Christmas, my family and I try to get our Christmas tree in the first week or so of December. We also get our lights up and start shopping for presents! The past two years or so, we have adopted a mini elf that named Fred that hides somewhere different every night and we find it in the morning We also buy those sort of “boxes” that have chocolates in them and each day counting down from the 1st of December, we get a chocolate. 

On the night of Christmas Eve, we go to a friends house for a party. We eat, drink (JUICE) and watch a movie, most of the time it’s Polar Express. 

On Christmas morning, first, we make a fire, then get comfy and start unwrapping our presents! We start with the stocking stuffers, then have breakfast, open the big presents and Skype my grandparents who live in Quebec. For the rest of the day, we all play, dance and do a lot of other fun things! Later that day, we also have dinner with my aunt and uncle. 

Boxing Day!

On the 26th of December, which is Boxing Day, we have a big dinner with my whole family: cousins, 2nd cousins, aunts, uncles, etc! 

New Year’s Eve!

For New Years, my family and I usually go and celebrate it with our family friends. One year, we went to Penticton at our friend’s apartment and celebrated it there, dancing and singing all the way till midnight! Another year, we went to Sun peaks to watch the fireworks then go get some ice cream!

For the 2nd part of this post, I chose to give my blog a holiday makeover! Here is the before and after. 

That’s all for now!


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