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Hi y’all and welcome back to another blog post! I should probably think of a more creative intro like my friend Ally over here (go visit her blog by the way), buuuutt, I haven’t….yet. Anyways, this week, we are talking about Holidays…and celebrations which you may or may not already know. We had several tasks to choose from and I wasn’t too sure what to do at first, but then I decided to talk about what holidays my family and I celebrate and include some pictures of our favourite traditions… and there may be me making a Christmas craft in there too. So, without further ado, let’s get started!

Now, my family isn’t too big on decorations and all that stuff for most holidays, the only one that we go basically all out on is Christmas. For others, we just don’t have enough for or we just forget in general, well, maybe Halloween a little bit, but that’s it.

For Christmas, we also have a few traditions that we have done the past few years or even every year. There’s only really a few though.

One of our main traditions from the past couple years, has been to go visit this place called “Van dussen Gardens”. It is beautiful over there, they have these beautiful light displays all over this park, it’s so big, that it actually takes about an hour to get through everything. Here is what one part looked like last year:

Another tradition that we do is our Christmas stockings, we all have these huge Christmas stockings and stock each other’s every year, a ton.

On Christmas Day, every year for as long as I can remember, we always went to my Aunt and Uncle’s place for dinner. Sometimes, my cousins and their parents joined them as well.

Then, the next day, on Boxing Day, we always have a huge dinner with the entire fam. My cousins are all in their 20’s or 30’s so, the closest cousin I have to my age is eight years old…but it’s great to see all of my little second cousins since they all live in New Westminster and Langley.

Now, for my Christmas craft, I really enjoyed how it turned out. I saw this craft on a website and decided to try it out. You fold a magazine in a certain way then fold them in to make a Christmas tree looking thing. It’s pretty cool!


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