Its the end of my world

Hey guys,

Recently I have finished a project that was all about the renaissance! During this project we were focusing a lot on our worldview and how it has changed from grade 7 to grade 8. Our topic was, Who or what has challenged your worldview from the transition from elementary to high school? To answer this question we were going to write a song and record it. The tune would be to a song called, Its The End of The World as We Know It, by R.E.M. we would Change the words to answer this question.

To start off we were creating a MindNode on our worldview in six main categories. We were writing how it changed and about stereotypes of high school we thought were true but turned out to be false. We had to write about three different things for each category. This was hard for certain ones, and sometimes I felt like I was repeating myself.

Its really hard to read so here it is in a link as well, my World View.


This was meant to be our inspiration for our song lyrics, so when we were writing we could look back at this and take these ideas and put them in our song. When we were writing our song we had an outline of certain words we supposed to keep from the original song. I thought writing a whole song would be really hard, but it turned out to be a lot easier than I thought. It really helped that we had specific guidelines to keep us on track and have an idea of what to do. This was a big creating stage of the project, we had to create a song that shows the development in our worldview. It also shows cause and consequence because we were writing about what cause our worldview to change and the consequences of that.


Once we wrote it and it got approved, we had to sing it! Singing is never something I have considered myself good at, so this was definitely a learning opportunity, to have an open mindset and try new things. Recording it took several try’s for me, each verse had its own track. I wanted to get this song done really well, and so that you could hear my voice over the music, and clearly understand me.

After we recorded it we did a peer critic, this is where we get together with a partner and give each other, kind, specific, and helpful feedback. Thankfully we got to write down people we were comfortable with listening to our song.


Your probably wondering how this ties to the renaissance, well, as well as recording and writing our song, we were learning about the renaissance. We wrote a paragraph about cause and consequence from the renaissance. We were given a topic and had to write about what we knew and how it effects our world today. My topic was warfare, which is something I don’t know a lot about, so it was a bit trickier. Thankfully we have learned a bit about it, so I knew where to start.


After we had recorded our song and had it approved, we were put into groups of three to make one collaborative song all together. I was in a group with, Julien and Raymond. We were going to combine our lyrics and sing them. After we had made one document with our combined song, we planned who would sing what. In the end we decided that we would each sing the parts we wrote and sing the chorus together. The next day Raymond brought a fancy recording mic that he owned so we could start recording our song. It was a little weird at first because we were in a small room about to sing in front of each other but after a bit we were all fine and good with singing.


As well as recording our song we had to make a photo essay, which is just a bunch of photos of us put together. We made this and added the song audio. Here it is!



Putting together and creating the video was the last step in the project. Unless of course you count watching yours and all your classmates in front of the whole class! It was really fun to see other ones and to listen to their lyrics and see their funny photos.


During this project I learned a lot about the renaissance and how it effects our world today, but I also learned how to go a bit out of my comfort zone. Singing in front of people is not something I’m comfortable with, even if its a recording. I think it was a great experience though, trying something new and different. I had a lot of fun during this project, and I think I learned a lot.


“If we begin in certainties, we shall end in doubts; but if we begin with doubts, and are patient with them, we shall end in certainties.”

– Francis Bacon