This is my first ever, Transitional Presentation of Learning. This means I’m new at this, and it’s a first time experience! During this presentation I will talk about how I felt I have grown as a learner. I will give examples from projects that I have completed, and talk about how I have done in achieving my goal from my MPOL. The driving question for this is, Why do you feel you are ready to advance to the next grade level? With this question I will create a presentation about my learning thought this year.

In January, when I presented my MPOL, I created a goal for myself that I wanted to achieve by the end of the school year. This goal was, to get better at reflecting on my work and its failures. I wanted to be able to learn from my failure not just make mistakes and ignore them. This goal is something that I thought would benefit me in my work, and I think it really did help.


One project that I felt was a huge learning experience was, Destination Imagination, a maker project. During this we had to create a skit and build props and scenery for it. My group failed a lot during this, but that also means we learned a lot (at least in my eyes). An example of our learning is our impact scenery, specifically our pulley system for our backdrop. We kept trying to create a mechanism that would pull up our backdrop, but we kept failing. Since reflecting on my failure was my goal, this was a perfect opportunity. Of couse I didn’t think those exact words at the time, but reflected on my work anyway. That is part of what I wanted to get better at, reflection just becoming second nature.

In humanities, one project that stood out to me was, Its the end of the world. In this project we had to write a song in a group, then sing it and record it. This was something WAY out of my comfort zone. Usually when there is something I’m not comfortable with, I generally don’t expect to do well. Which is what happened with this project, even thought I went in with a bad mindset, I still tried my hardest if not harder. When I was recording my song alone, I kept trying again and again, wanting it to be better. In the end I was quite proud of the final product, but I learned to always expect the best of yourself and none less. I went into this project expecting it to be not so great only because I wasn’t comfortable with singing.


Even thought there were a lot of times I felt I could do better, there are times where I’m really proud of my work. In maker recently, we completed a photography unit. We were taking photos on how COVID-19 has effected our community, I really wanted to take a different perspective on this. I knew most people would photograph how empty things are, so I wanted to show how people actually came together. I was really proud of the photos I got and how I got them to show a message. Down below is the book I created with the photos I took.

Another project I was proud of is, The ultimate design challenge. During this project we created a room using an online design tool. We then took the measurements and made sure it could 3D print. The first time me and my partner sent it off, it couldn’t 3D print, see we had to revise the design, we added more support and moved a few things around. Unfortunately there wasn’t time to print it again, but I still think I did a good job at the project. I revised my mistake and kept going!


This year one of the biggest things I learned was that it’s okay to fail, and that it is a huge part of the learning process. This is something I never really knew before I came to PLP, but now learn everyday. I also learned, that to learn from your failure, you have to start by acknowledging it, and this was really hard for me at the start of the year. Over time though, it became easier and more natural. This year I have done a lot of work I am really proud of, and other work where I feel I could have done better. In total though I have learned a lot!


“Learn from the mistakes of others. You can’t live long enough to make them all yourself.”
Eleanor Roosevelt

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  1. nyas · June 15, 2020 at 10:19 pm ·

    Good job Annie!!