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TWIL#2 for Romeo and Juliet

So this week I learned about Act 2 of Romeo and Juliet. I don’t know what it was like back then but they fell in and out of love like crazy! Let me explain.

So at the end of Act One, Romeo went to a party for only one reason, to see Madeline. At the party Romeo basically does not even talk to her, but falls in love with Juliet. So Romeo and Juliet dance together, then things escalate and they start making out in the back. The party ends and Romeo runs away from his friends, some how gets over a big wall, and ends up where Juliet is, and hears her confess her love for him out loud. As she is talking, Romeo jumps out and says he will change his name in order to be with her. She asked how he got over the wall and he said love cared him over. Then they decided to get married. Crazy!

So the rest of the act is Romeo getting permission to marry Juliet, and then their wedding. Overall it seems like they are jumping in to things rather quickly and I’m excited to see what happens and how this is going to fall apart.

The thing I created this week is a collage (I like collages!) comparing Benvolio to Tybalt. I looked over the scenes they were in and then came up with 3 words to describe each of them. For Benvolio, he comes across as the trustworthy friend who is loyal to Romeo and expresses a lot of empathy for poor Romeo’s love sick condition. Tybalt on the other hand, is always trying to start a fight. He gets angry and says he won’t tolerate Romeo’s presence when Romeo shows up at the Capulets, and “storms” around in anger. He is described as a good fighter and no one wants to draw swords against him. Here is my collage.

calebe • January 30, 2020

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