A Great Debate

Hey everyone welcome back to another blogpost today we have a very, very, very fun project to talk about. The project in question was called “The Great Debaters” We as a class debated each other on topic we chose at the PLP Winter Exhibition 23! I debated my friend Ben on lowering the gambling age.  […]

I went to New Mexico and all I got was a Lousy Piece of Trinitite

*** FOR LEGAL REASONS THE TITLE IS A JOKE ALL PIECES OF TRINITITE WERE LEFT AT TRINTY SITE, NEW MEXICO.***       What’s up, guys? Welcome back to another Humanities blog post. Today, I’ll be reflecting on our learning in The Manhattan Project. The driving question for the project was: “How did the development […]

I Stabbed Someone With a Pen (not actually)

Context title the project is called: Mightier then the Sword ✍️ and there’s a pen, hence title.   Alrighty, here we are again, first blog post of the year. Another great year of reflections ahead. Yay! Now, where to start… How about the beginning? This was a Humanities Project and a short one at that, […]

*insert office theme song

Hello, we just recently completed a project which tied to Exhibition. The PGP project we just did was all about finances. First I will talk about the project, and then the exhibition.  The Project In the project, we were learned about money and managing money. This included several things but the main highlight was a […]

tPOLS 2023

              Hi Mom this is my Teacher (insert teacher name) (teacher name) this is my Mom, Vickie Thank you for coming to my presentation of learning. I am the expert on my own learning. I am also responsible and accountable for my own learning. You can expect me to […]

Echos of Blogpost

Welcome back to my blog in this one were going to be talking about Maker more specifically a podcast project we recently did. For our podcast we could make it about anything we wanted as long as there was a good message behind it. For my podcast I made mine about WWII with the goal […]

What the Heck is an Incongruencies

What is an Incongruencies? That is a question I asked myself on Day 1 of this Latest Humanities Project. By definition an Incongruence or Incongruencies is “the state or condition of not being in agreement, accordance, or harmony, or the degree to which things are in this state”. Basically two parties disagreeing with each other. […]

Juno Beach: From Tragedy to Triumph

Hello, so recently we just completed a Humanities project called Save Juno Beach, this project was all about WWII. The reason it’s called Save Juno Beach is because a few years ago there was a proposed condo development on Juno Beach that threated the center, The Juno Beach Centre was established to honour the Canadians […]

Market Me

Hello, welcome back to another blog post. Today we will be talking about a recent PGP project about marketing ourselves, it was all about making resumes, business cards, and finally making a mock interview. So lets start with the resume.  We started this project with building a resume, I initially struggled with this part because […]