Correlation VS Causation Project

Hello people. Welcome back to another post today’s reflection is about Correlation vs Causation. So this project was about making surveys and sharing them to people to do. we picked whatever topic we wanted (school appropriate). So our topics were Screen time -amount entertainment apps you have. Our questions were:

  1. How many hours do you spend on a screen daily? 
  2. Has a screen (computer tablet cellphone) become a part of your daily routine ?
  3. Do you socialize with people through an electronic device ?
  4. Do you play video games?
  5.  Do you own a phone or tablet?
  6. How many entertainment apps do you have? (Instagram Tik Tok Youtube)
  7.  Do you use social media apps to connect with people ?
  8.  Would you rather play or browse games or the web on a screen or do something outside.

So these questions are 4-4 so the first 4 are screen related and the other 4 are app related.


What is correlation. Correlation is when to things happen at the same time but are not a cause of one another i.e Shark Attacks in the summer and ice cream sales these things are correlated because they happen at the time but they don’t cause each other. Causation is when the two factors are caused by a 3rd party factor. 

So the final product of this project was a Keynote slide show presentation of us showing our data to our class.  All show the Keynote later but now its time for Curricular Competencies

 1. Planning and Conducting 

This was the collection of data and making of the survey so for the creation of the survey we used Google Forms, we were told to and we sent into Learners Central (which is a Basecamp Team with all PLP learners). I got Accomplished on this competency as our survey was well rounded but it definitely could been improved as we could have put more thought into the questions as there was a survey bias because we asked mostly PLP kids who all have iPads. 

2. Communicating and Representing 

Use Mathematical vocabulary to contribute to mathematical discussions 

This was did we have correct terminology of our words on our presentation. I would say we did as I got accomplished on this competency we used words like “Bias” “convenience sample survey“ and other words that we learned in this project, however I feel as though we could have put more research into the terminology as some of our words could have been explained from a mathematical perspective. 

3. Applying and Innovating

We’re we focused and on task during class and were good ethics used while conducting our survey. For the most part yes I say this because there were a couple days where my group and I were off topic playing games and such as for a ethical survey I would say that none of our questions were unethical as you saw because they are mostly questions about devices and apps and we didn’t ask things like “what is your YouTube recommended” or “how many account passwords do you have saved onto your device”. 

So the Big Idea for this project was “Analyzing the validity,reliability and representation of data enables us to compare and interpret”. I would say I now understand this, because I got all accomplished on the rubric. But not only that I feel as though if someone were to ask me about correlation and causation I could explain it to them in a clear and concise way. 

Our slide show 

The milestone for this project were 

Milestone 1: was a project start mind map done in mindnode here are the before project and end project maps 

Milestone 2: was a example survey which had us measure each other in height and hand size and compare them on a scatter plot here is what our looked like 

So we did something wrong here as it shows Luca as 7.1 inches tall and the fact that the scatter plot says that the taller you are the smaller your hands get as pointed out my our teacher this is inaccurate. 

Milestone 3 was a Survey Plan meaning we just get all of our questions ready to send out 

Milestone 4 was imputing the data from our surveys and putting them into a graph 

Milestone 5 was presentation outline. Taking our data and showing how will put it into keynote 

Milestone 6 was the key presentation its self. As shown above.

Milestone 7 is blog post.

Overall I feel as though this project gave me a deeper understanding or graphs and and different kind of charts 

P.S: here are my group members blogs: Declan and Mateo 

Bye and don’t forget that Carter=Blog.  

Humans vs Nature?

Hello people this is the first humanities blog post of the year so this project was “People and The Environment”. This project was about people and environment and how they interact. The driving question: “ How Do People And The Environment Affect Each Other”. And all get to the answer later. 

So the purpose of this project was to send a letter about a environmental issue in BC (British Columbia) so I wrote to: The Honourable John Horgan. About forest fire smoke polluting our air and the general world. 

Here are some photos of my letter from first to final drafts.

We did a lot of Commonlits this project commonlits are usually story’s on the website commonlit and we read those story’s and responded to said story’s using certain criteria and such. One of the commonlits that we did was using evidence with context basically say something give backstory or context, and then use evidence from said story to back your point. For example if I said that school is dumb I would have to elaborate on that like school is dumb because…  . So now you now what that means its time for learning expectations?

So PLP humanities has change stuff to “Learning Expectations” whether that make it harder to write these things remains to be seen 

So here is learning expectation #1:Know

The criteria for this being identify a specific topic of interest to research and identify specific audiences and work together to identify a target goal. So this stuff was mostly based for the letter as we had to pick a specific person to write to and research our topic and find evidence. I feel like I showed both of these skills as I found a audience to write to this person being John Horgan.  As for the other one I researched my topic and found accurate data to integrate into my letter  my topic was forest fire smoke and how that effects air pollution levels in BC and found that forest fire smoke is the 2nd largest source of fine particulate matter. 

Learning expectation #2 understand curricular competencies 

Use strategies to analyze text recognize roles of context and perspectives in text, recognize how texts use literary devices to enhance meaning.  

I think this one was about the commonlits that we did as we had multiple commonlits with context and perspectives such as the “writing lesson: introducing evidence with context”. I know how to do this now because I can use context. For example. The the corner store was sold today because its business was not good. 

The 3rd learning expectation was Big Ideas 

Reflect assess and refine texts to improve clarity, effectiveness and impact for purpose, audience, message. 

We had to use everything we learned from the commonlits and apply that to our letter for this skill the older members of PLP critiqued our letters and gave us feedback and then we applied that feed back to our letters and then we revised revised and revised some more. So what I learned about this is that it all comes together everything we did we had to apply to our letter. 

So now it’s time for the answer to the driving question yay. So again the driving question was:  “ How Do People And The Environment Affect Each Other”. I think how they effect each other is we humans take from the earth and rarely give back for every 100,00 trees cut down maybe 5 are replanted. Soon the earth will run out and we will die but the earth the earth could heal without us. So we need to stop taking non renewable resources from the earth. The earth for the most part only effects us in a positive way where as we do almost nothing but negatives in return.  

So after all that here is me and my friend putting our letters into a mail box


So now the final thing bye


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Game Laws Exponents

Hello welcome back to another blog its a new school years which means you guessed more blog posts (yay).  

So in this project we used a exponent laws and exponent is for example 22 which would be 2 to the power of 2 the small to being the exponent and the bigger number being the base. How a exponent works is you take the base and times it by itself as many times as the exponent number so for example 43 would be 4x4x4.  Now two things 1. Complete shocker I’m not a math genius (gasp) I know shocker right just like I’m not a science expert 2. There are multiple laws of exponents pictured here.  

So now that you have seen all of those laws lets talk about our game I say our as this was a group project so our game was about invading other countries on a game board you start by picking 1 of 4 classes: thief ,mage warrior, and commander.  We used lego mini figures to represent these four classes.  

So our game overall was good we acquired the accomplished on it.  The reason for that was we made our game very complex and people couldn’t play it unless we were talking them through it. 

Here is what our game board looked like




So now to do the curricular competencies yay

So first competency was: Reasoning and Analyzing: use logic to solve puzzles and play games.    Basically saying is the game simple and working with a point system to determine a winner. For our game we had that except our game was not very simple it was very complex in terms of rules how you attack and defend and deafest other players. So overall we did ok on this competency but again we could have done much better if we had made our game simpler.

Competency #2 was communicating and representing: represent mathematical ideas in a concrete pictorial and symbolic forms.  Meaning a set of clear complete personalized instructions are created for each player to take there turn and game has 4 or more different exponent laws in it. We did this in our game and came up with cool game mechanics and worked hard to integrate exponent laws onto our game. 

Applying and innovating: all group members contribute equally basically its the learning without distractions.  So I’d say I worked pretty hard and was not distracted in class by games or things. I missed the first 2 days but then came back and created the baseline for our game. So overall I’d say I did good on this one.

So you’ve read all that now it’s time for the Milestones.

So Milestone #1 was we created in groups of 2, 3 separate dice games 

Here they are 

Milestone #2 was a game rules first draft which all be honest didn’t go to well as there was still a lot of details that needed to be ironed out.

Milestone #3 was a Khan Academy qiz

Milestone #4 was a paper quiz

Milestone #5 was the 2nd game rules draft this one went a lot better as by this time we had made more clear rules and game mechanics. 

Milestone#6 was the final game which we switched with the other Scimatics class so they could try our game and we could try theirs. 

Milestone 7 is obviously the blog post. 

Wow thats a huge information dump sorry now for this project my partners were Noah and Cooper (the names are links). 

All righty thats the project thanks for reading have a fantastic day

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Philosophy kinda

So I’m back with a post not a school one but I’ve been thinking about something my parents say.


They stuff like “don’t yell the windows are open” and “maybe don’t wear that it has a hole”


now for the windows one maybe there just trying to be polite and they don’t want us to yell to be nice to the neighbours and the clothing hole one there worried about how it will look in the eyes of others same thing somewhat with the yelling there worried about how we sound and how the neighbours will perceive us and things like that.


And I’ve been asking myself if we dress or act because we fear how people will judge us and we base out actions off of what other people think then our we really US


I don’t have and answer but if I did short and sweet I would say: no because were basing ourselves off others thought therefore we are them and not us. Now you can have your own opinion and all that feel free to let me know what you think in the comments


Bye Carter= Philosophy (Kinda)

Comic Cells blog post (last one of the school year)

Greetings All I’m back with probably the greatest blog post ever (not really). This project is my last blog post of grade 8 (yay) so this was a scimatics project and it was fun like really fun we made a comic so like already one of the best projects. Second only to the scratch coding that was probably my favourite. Anyways this project was about cells like red blood cells and such,and how they interact with other things in the body. So we had a choice we could pick photosynthesis, disease interaction, and cellular interaction. I chose diseases but let me explain a little bit about the other two. (Quick disclaimer this may come as a big surprise but I’m NOT a medical expert (gasp) I know I know but some facts may not be 100% accurate and such sooo yeah also if you experience any symptoms see a doctor) Ok on to other stuff

Photosynthesis is when plant absorb sunlight and other things like water and turn it into energy. It is also common knowledge that plants produce oxygen they do this when they have leftover food (solar energy and nutrients from the earth) and it turns into a gas call carbon Dioxide (air) it’s more complicated then that but all leave it there.

Cellular interaction sound pretty straight forward how cells interact with each other like red blood cells carry oxygen and hemoglobins and what not. I think it’s complicated so I won’t explain to much but basics. So here we go. Cellular interaction refers to the direct interaction between cells on the surface that play a crucial role in development and the function of multicellular organisms these interactions allow the cells to communicate with each other and the rest of the body.

OK that was a lot but now onto my topic DISEASES INTERACTION!!!! (I have know idea why I’m yelling)  ok so disease interaction meaning how diseases interact with other diseases and each other and cells and stuff in the human body. So my disease was Malaria so some stuff i say will be diseases in general and some stuff will be Malaria specific. So lets start with where it started it when a military doctor by the name of: Alphonse Laveran was in a military hospital in 1880 discovered the parasite in Algeria More info here👉 link 

So it begins when a female mosquito bites a already infected person (also how it spreads) so the plasmodium (which like the first stage) develops in the mosquito and then when the mosquito bite a different person the plasmodium becomes sporozoite and is injected into the human blood stream, where it move quickly (30 minutes) to the liver and invades liver cells and here after a 7-10 day period the sporozoite erupts and turns into merozoites (Malaria parasites) and those merozoites cause the liver cell to rupture releasing them. Then the merozoites attack the Red blood cells and invade them and self replicate inside the red blood cells then the red blood cells would rupture and at this point you are experiencing symptoms of Malaria example: high fever,chill aches sweating etc. So the merozoites kept on replicating and replicating until there’s a lot of them. But don’t worry your body has a defensive system in bone marrow (which is like inner bone layer) Neutrophils which is a type of white blood cells are being mass produced as a direct response to merozoites (this right here is disease interaction) so these Neutrophils are deployed into the blood stream and they destroy merozoites and infected red blood cells.

Wow that was a lot but were not done yet because its time for everyone’s favourite part Curricular Competencies (yay)

So Curricular competency #1 was Questioning and predicting: Demonstrate a sustained curiosity about a scientific topic or problem of personal interest.

It’s a little different this time however it means pretty much the same thing but it’s specific to this project it says class time is used for learning and creating a comic book story abut 1 of the 3 topics.  So I showed this in All of the milestones really I achieved a proficient understanding of this skill which shows in the other 2 competency’s.  Where I think I really showed this is in Milestone 5 because I put a ton of work into it and it turned out exactly how I wanted it to Milestone 5 was also finished comic which you will see later.

Curricular Competency #2 was scientific communication communicate ideas, findings, and solutions to problems using scientific language, representations, and digital technologies

 meaning how well can I communicate my knowledge through the comic book. 

I achieved a extending mark on this Competency because I worked hard I best showed this on the comic book again because I had lots of accurate information on my comic. 

Curricular Competency #3 was Evaluating: Demonstrate an understanding and appreciation of evidence.  Meaning how can I integrate a virus characters and have them interact in a scientific way and have a logical outcome/end to the story I achieved the extending mark on this one because I had my virus characters interact with the blood cells and they integrated very nicely. 

So now onto the Milestones.

Milestone 1 was a project start mind map 

Milestone 2 was a Disease Wanted poster. So we chose a disease from the 1400-1600 I chose Small Pox

Milestone 3 was a khan academy quiz about cells 

Milestone 4 was a storyboard outline of what our final comic would look like all show a few of the scenes 


Milestone 5 was the final comic we used comic life for this which made it easier because we had cool fonts and convenient box’s for us to put our images in. 


One other thing we did in this project to start was watch Osmosis Jones which premiered in 2001 and is about a white blood cell and a cold pill fighting a virus called Thrax AKA Big Daddy Thrax (not joking thats one of his names) learn more ————> here

So thats it people the final blog post of grade 8 and scimatics 8 but never fear I shall be back next school year with more posts 

Goodbye and don’t forget that School is over I like noodles and Carter=blog 

P.S this is my longest blog post ever at 10,96 (not counting the number or these words)

(Stay tuned for a “I’m bored post maybe if I feel bored”)

ULTIMATE DESIGN CHALLENGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(sorry for yelling)

So welcome back to another blog post this project was called the Ultimate Design Challenge.  This is a Scimatics project so this was a group project my partners were Dylan (who is definitely a human) And Ben links to there blog are there names.  So because their is a Scimatics project we had to do math so our group made a recycling bin designed in the 3D modelling software we had to use called Tinkercad (Tinkercad is a link to there website)d (insert image) 

I know it’s beautiful so there are 3 main shapes so we had to decide wether we wanted maximum SA(surface area) and V(Volume) so because we made a bin we decide that maximum volume would be a good idea so we broke down our bin into 3 main shapes triangular prism rectangular prisms and cylinders and the lid. here are the shapes 


So here are the calculations for all of our shapes 


Another thing we had to do was get the ratio of SA to Volume. 

Which was:0.60119219062619:1

So after that you know what time it is thats right its time for Curricular Competencies (yay)


So Obviously because it’s Scimatics competency #1 is Applying and Innovating,Applying and innovating: Contribute to care for self, others, community, and world through personal or collaborative approaches. 

Meaning all class time is used effectively with out distractions. I definitely did not do as good of a job at this as i could have and it impacted me and my group greatly. I could improve this by not playing games and such and getting my group members back on task as well. Me to focusing impacted the other 2 competencies quite a bit. So overall I still achieved proficiency but  BARELY.

#2  Reasoning and Analyzing: Model mathematics in contextualized experiences

This means can I design something using Tinkercad that is optimized for maximum SA or V

I did ok at this one but our group missed a few core things we did not have 10 shapes and some people did more work then others. So a I said earlier our recycling bin was maximized for volume and it was according to our ratios which was Sa is the first number second is Volume so I guess we successfully made our bin 100% could have improved on it in multiple ways. To improve next time I would read the criteria and make a more advanced shape and definitely share the work more and make more then 1 shape. 

And the final competency is Communicating and Representing: Explain and justify mathematical ideas and decisions

So like everything is calculated correctly and and our measurements are correct and compared and shown accurately in a Keynote. Again because our group did not use time well our presentation was rushed and we forgot multiple things and we mislabeled stuff.  Because of this our group did not do well on this part. 

Now onto the driving question which was “ The relationship between surface area and volume of 3D objects can be used to describe, measure, and compare spatial relationships“ and yes they can like with a recycling bin.

And what you all came to see recycling bin content




All right this was a long post but yeah. Alright goodbye and don’t forget that CAR†êr= BLOg


Character without spaces count 2,470 with spaces 3,005 and 541 words


Chemistry Coding A Scimatics Project

Good Morning/Goodnight/GoodAfternoon.

I’m back with a scimatics blog post so this project was Chemistry Coding. In this project we learned about matter and its different forms and diffrent states of matter on elements i.e water of magnesium. To code this we used scratch (learn more here——->scratch) scratch is block coding for more info on that Here. So we had a choice make either a simulation or a game. I chose simulation because I thought it would be a better way of showing my knowledge then a game. And because this is PLP we have driving statement: “The behaviour of matter can be explained by the kinetic molecular theory and atomic theory”

So because this was a Scimatics project we made a mind map to start the project this was milestone 1


Milestone 2 was we had to show 4 elements that were on periodic table my elements were Magnesium,Carbon,Lithium,Nitrogen we had to list how any protons neutrons and electrons there are in each element

here are some images



Milestone 3 was a Atomic theory test




Milestone 4 we made a list on what we wanted to put into our game/simulation



Milestone 5 was the scratch final product here’s some of the code I used






And Milestone 6 was this blog post


Core Competencies Time

So Core Competency #1 was Questioning and predicting: Demonstrate a sustained curiosity about a scientific topic or problem of personal interest.

Meaning can I ask questions and show a curious interest in the topic. I did ok at this skill I probably could have used my time better and then I would have showed my understanding better.  I could improve this skill next time by not getting distracted by things around me.  

 Core Competency #2 was Scientific communication: communicate ideas, findings, and solutions to problems using scientific language, representations, and digital technologies

So when we coded we needed to include scientific words and ideas and images. So what that meant for coding is we had to have accurate information and depictions of how certain molecules move and what temperature they react at. I showed this is Milestone 2 when we had to chose 4 elements off the periodic table and find out how many protons neutrons and electrons there were. I did pretty good overall on this skill  how I could improve this would be to code better on Milestone 5 like coding particle collision. 

Competency #3 was Reasoning and analyzing: Use logic and patterns (including coding) to solve puzzles and play games.

This one was for the coding part of the project and I did really well on this I had two elements magnesium and Water and and using certain keys like T for temperature I made them move accurately based on what the temperature was.I could have coded particle collision if I had time so definitely should have used my time better.

So after all this we added to our MindNode with stuff we learned throughout the project. 

So two Main highlights of this project 1.the coding in general because I love coding and using scratch was fun and simple. 

2. Was a gem stone identification challenge this challenge was Mr.Gross (the teacher) got some  gems and we had to try and figure out what type of gem they were by using density spoiler The were topaz.  

Now what you all probably came here to see the final game 




So just FYI for better experience click the link here ———> Matter Simulation 

So this project is over now and I’m sad because this was a fun and unique experience 

Anyways Goodbye And don’t forget that coding=fun I=BLog And you=awesome 


Continuity Through Trade (The More Things Change)

Hi guess who’s here its me yeah so you know  what time it is. It’s REFLECTION TIME YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!

So this project is called “The More Things Change” and the final product of this is a video 






So yeah there’s the video now how we got there so this was a partner project link 👉 Aaron’s Blog. So anyways this project like all of our projects had a driving question this one was:”What did European settlement mean for all the people involved” meaning when Europeans came to North America and South America what did that mean for them and the indigenous peoples. Alright I will answer the driving question at the end.

Which means you know what time it is its Core Competences time yay

So there were 2 competences a english one and a socials one.

English: so the english one was use evidence meaning we say something and then have to back it up with evidence like every fact that I say is what I learned in school.  So I showed this in Milestone 2.Milestone 2 was a a chart that we had to fill out about continuity and change form European exploration we each had a section to do and then our group members gave us other sections of the chart.  So this relates to using evidence because we had to make sure that our facts were historically accurate. 

Socials one was: identifying continuity and change. 

Meaning in historical events can I see if there are continuity from that event to today.  And can I find the changes from a event to now. I struggled with this competency because I didn’t really understand what continuity and change meant until Milestone 3. So because of that on Milestone 1 I didn’t do so well as I did not understand part of the assignment. Milestone 1 was we found a place outside on school grounds. And just free thought wrote about how the lives and conditions of the people that were they at the time of settlement have changed over time. 

So now the part you have all been waiting for (teachers) evidence of my learning and answer to the driving question so again the driving question was:”What Did European Settlement Mean For All The People Involved”.  So I think it meant for the Europeans we have new land and new colonies hooray and now we have access to a bunch of new raw materials that we didn’t have before. But for the First Peoples they saw 2 things 1.being that they two could trade for new items I.e the gun but they also saw it as the Europeans taking away there land and the culture.

Now for my favourite part of the project was the Fur Trade Simulation. So first off we were assigned different groups of people the: North West Company.Hudson Bay Company were the European groups and  two first peoples groups were the: Haudenosaunee Nation and the Ouendat Nation. So then we each took turn and one First Peoples group would approach either HBC NWC and offer stuff to them and vice versa when it was the European traders turn.


And so as we approach the end of this project we had to put your infographics up in widows around the school so Aaron and I put ours up in the library and then took a picture.





So thats it in case you missed it here the video again




And also a image of the infographic 




Alright goodbye for now and don’t forget that Carter=Blog.


Book Review(I’m bored #4)

Book 👏Review 👏  

Good Morning/Goodnight/Good Afternoon to you all

Today I’m doing a book review of a book that I read recently : Eragon 

So I’m really to lazy to give you a summary so click the link——>link to get it. 

Also the author of the book is: Christopher Paolini. 

So quick disclaimer this is MY opinion you are welcome to have your own opinion this is just how I feel about the book.  Another note is this is the first book in a 4 book series called the Inheritance Cycle so if you like this I will make a part 2 on the second book and the 3rd one once I finish reading it.

So the category’s I’m using 

  1. Plot
  2. Action i.e overall battle scenes 
  3. Character development 
  4. Character description 
  5. Length of book ( how long the book is the more pages the better) 
  6. And genre 

Rated on a scale of 1-10 and again this is my opinion you are entitled to your own opinion. And FYI these rating will be added up into a final score and they are not mathematically correct and its just a average. 

So on plot I give it a 7.5/10

Action 7/10

Character development I give it a 8/10

Character description is 7/10

Length of book 7/10

Genre is fantasy and I give it 6/10

Overall score 8.5 out of 10

So yeah thats the book it pretty epic definitely recommend reading it 

So anyways goodbye and don’t forget the Carter=book which = book review ta ta 

Land Ho (Arrgh Matey Summative Post)

Good day to all of you. You wonderful people. I’m back reflecting on a project about pirates (oh wow) so pirates pirates have been around for a long time dating all the way back to the 1500s and from 1650 -1720 is what most people consider “the golden age of piracy”.  But what might surprise you is that pirates are still active and alive today.  Most pirates are active just off the coast of Somalia on the Horn of Africa   



Yeah so to start this project we watched movie called “Captain Phillips” its about pirates off the coast of Somalia who highjacked the “Maersk Alabama”. It’s a true story. If you want you can learn more about it here:link and here: link. 

So what this project was really about was the “Age of Exploration basically when Europeans discovered North America and South America. So in 1000A.D. Leif Erikson Landed in North America now your thinking who the heck is Leif Erikson (probably not). Leif Erikson was a Viking he landed in what we now call Newfoundland. But then he left. Then much much later Christopher Columbus sailed in 1492 trying to discover a new trade route in India. He thought he found it when he landed the Guanahani (Bahamas) 

So Core competencies now.  

#1 was a social studies one called Analyze cause and consequence.  Something happened and what was the consequence or the outcome. For example when Europeans landed in the Americas(thats the cause) they brought lots of diseases to the natives (thats the consequence).   I showed this skill in Milestone 1 when we made a very simple web of cause and consequence 







# 2 was a maker empowered leaner. How can I use technology responsibly to construct knowledge. Meaning can I be effective and responsible with my device to construct a object or picture or video. I struggled with this because there was drawing and colouring involved with this one. I have trouble with drawing and colouring. This was also part of Milestone 1 as we had to create a video with this software (hint the final project uses this software) AR maker so we messed around with it to make sure we knew how to use It. 

#3 was a English discussing listening and speaking.  So can you use the English language to effectively state your purpose and explain your video 

Now onto the driving question.  So the driving question was “What was the impact of global exploration”.  So to answer that I think the impact of global exploration was mostly positive. I this because well if it weren’t for the Europeans north and south America would not be as technologically advanced and physically advanced as we are today. So yeah thats my answer. 

Anyways the final stepto this project was to make a video using AR maker and in said video talk about European exploration. And the video story had to be told using a cause and consequence format. 




So there’s the video hope you enjoy and don’t forget if you ever find yourself with a pirate look and eye not the eyepatch (carter=blog). 



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