Philosophy kinda

So I’m back with a post not a school one but I’ve been thinking about something my parents say.


They stuff like “don’t yell the windows are open” and “maybe don’t wear that it has a hole”


now for the windows one maybe there just trying to be polite and they don’t want us to yell to be nice to the neighbours and the clothing hole one there worried about how it will look in the eyes of others same thing somewhat with the yelling there worried about how we sound and how the neighbours will perceive us and things like that.


And I’ve been asking myself if we dress or act because we fear how people will judge us and we base out actions off of what other people think then our we really US


I don’t have and answer but if I did short and sweet I would say: no because were basing ourselves off others thought therefore we are them and not us. Now you can have your own opinion and all that feel free to let me know what you think in the comments


Bye Carter= Philosophy (Kinda)

One thought on “Philosophy kinda”

  1. That is an interesting question. I like to think that as we get older that we do define for ourselves more and more our own path and own thinking. However, it is true that the perception of what others think will always be with us no matter how old we get! Good thinking!

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