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Loon Lake Learning R̴̴e̴̴t̴̴r̴̴e̴̴a̴̴t̴ Advance

Hey all, It’s me again. Today, I’ll be writing about our latest PLP trip to Loon Lake! This trip started on Feb 14th, and lasted until Feb 17th. We called it an advance, because we never retreat! The trip started… Continue Reading →

Student Blogging Challenge Day 11 – Reflection

I have yet to mention that the past few posts, which have been categorized as “other” have been part of what has been called the Student Blogging Challenge. The Student Blogging Challenge is a series of challenges which pertain to… Continue Reading →

“Kilroy Was Here”

Starting in the Second World War, allied soldiers would draw a character named Kilroy everywhere they went. Kilroy is a person or creature with a very large nose peeking over a wall. He has two tiny eyes and a round… Continue Reading →


In this post, I’ll be discussing music. To start things off, I made a little quiz on Google Forms. Click here if you want to take it! (Please do, it took me a while.) I thought it might be interesting… Continue Reading →

My Interests

Hey everyone, today, I’m gonna be doing a little bit of a different post. In school today, we were told to write a blog post about pretty much anything we wanted, as long as it included a link. I thought… Continue Reading →

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