In this post, I’ll be discussing music. To start things off, I made a little quiz on Google Forms. Click here if you want to take it! (Please do, it took me a while.)

I thought it might be interesting to talk about the instrument that I play: the trumpet.

The earliest metal trumpets discovered date back to ~1500 BCE. There were trumpets found in King Tut’s tomb and earlier variations of the trumpet have been found from Asia to South America.


The trumpet originated from horns used usually for military purposes. Trumpets are usually made in the key of B flat. Trumpets used to be used to signal things in the military and still are. Bugles, an earlier type of trumpet, are used in the military to wake people up and tell people when they need to go to sleep. I always wanted to play the trumpet when I was little because I thought its predecessors were also very interesting. I really like its sound and its history.

Here is a picture of an early ceramic trumpet. This trumpet was made in Peru in ~ 300 CE. Trumpets

were shown in the art of the Moche people, who lived in ancient Peru.





I also thought it might be cool to make another quiz about music, but this time make it more of a test than a survey. I also made it relate to some of the things I wrote. You can take it here.

I hope you enjoyed all 256 words of this blog post!