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The Manhattan Project Project

Hello again. Today I’ll be writing about our latest project in PLP, called The Manhattan Project… Project. The goal for this project was for us, while on a field study in New Mexico, the birthplace of the atomic age, to… Continue Reading →

Letter to Grade 8

In this letter, I will discuss why project based learning is objectively better than mainstream learning, and how it can help grade 8’s achieve success throughout secondary school. Project based learning can help you through secondary school in many ways…. Continue Reading →

Spring Exhibition 2023

Hey all, Dylan here. This is the last blog post of the year for me! Today I’ll be reflecting on our latest projects and on our spring exhibition. In out last projects, we learned about the stock market and financial… Continue Reading →

Group video post

“How do Disney theme parks shape and influence the cultural, economic, psychological, and social experiences of visitors?” The final goal of the project was to answer the driving question with a movie made as a group, a blog post, and… Continue Reading →

Balancing Opportunities

Hi all, Dylan here again. In this blog post, I’m going to be talking about Careers 10 and the latest project surrounding it that we have done. In this project we studied self-help material to answer the driving question which… Continue Reading →

The Power of Imagination/Land of the Free, Home of the Brave

Alright, It’s Dylan again, back with another post I’ve been putting off for a while. This is probably gonna be a pretty long post, so if you don’t have the time/patience to read through, I’ll give you a little summary… Continue Reading →

Romeo, Romeo, Where art Thou, Romeo?

Today I’ll be writing about our latest project, which was about Romeo and Juliet. It was a really short project – we only had fifteen days in school to do it. I assumed when we inevitably did a project about… Continue Reading →

mPOL 2023

mPOL stands for midyear presentation of learning. Currently, it’s the transitional period between the first and second semesters, which is no better time to do a midyear presentation of learning. By now, I’m sure the reader knows that in PLP, we… Continue Reading →

Ology of Apology

Hello, it’s Dylan. Again. Today, as always, I will be talking about our latest project, which was called (you guessed it) “Ology of Apology”. In this project our driving question was “How can we keep apologies for past wrongs alive… Continue Reading →

Dylan V.S. Loon Lake: Round Two!

Hi again to the probably <5 people who actually read my decreasingly frequent blog posts. I’ve been kind of dreading this one for a while since Loon Lake this year was actually a pretty negative experience for me, plus it’s… Continue Reading →

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