In this letter, I will discuss why project based learning is objectively better than mainstream learning, and how it can help grade 8’s achieve success throughout secondary school.

Project based learning can help you through secondary school in many ways. It’s been proven to be significantly more effective than mainstream learning. PBL is more hands-on, and focuses on the needs of the individual student. In PBL, learners are encouraged to find their own way to solve problems, rather than being told what to do and how to do it. This is helpful and beneficial in many ways. It improves learners’ critical thinking and problem solving skills. It also lets students focus on taking the lead in their own projects. As a PBL learner myself, I can confirm that not only does this improve my learning, it also improves my enjoyment of the project. Another thing about PBL is that it sets students up for success in the real world. In mainstream learning, students listen to lectures and are graded on their test results. That isn’t even how success is determined once students enter the workforce. PBL primes students with the skills they will need to exceed expectations in life. On top of this, PBL, being very hands-on, works especially well for kinesthetic learners such as myself. In conclusion, PBL will help you through secondary school by teaching you to focus on improving your process to achieve a better product. It will help you find what learning styles work well for you and it will set you up for greater success in life.