Today I am writing about our latest humanities project in PLP. It was called “The Great Debaters”.

In this project, we were assigned a partner, which was mostly our choice, and a topic to debate about, which was also mostly our choice. My partner was Cooper and our rebate topic was wether or not law abiding citizens should have the right to bear arms. Cooper argued for the negative, while I argued for the affirmative in our debate. In the end, the debate would take place at the PLP winter exhibition.

Like all PLP projects, we studied media related to the topic. In our case, one example of that was watching the 2007 movie “The Great Debaters”. I won’t spoil the plot of the movie, rather I’ll link its IMDB page here. The movie centred around a debate team and the plot of the movie was strongly linked to debate in general. I thoroughly enjoyed the movie and it definitely made me more excited for the project and in the end, the debate itself.

The bulk of this project was just preparing our speeches and spending time researching our topics, so there isn’t much to say about that, but when it came down to the debate, I feel that it went really well. In the end, we ended up tying 7-7. I think it was 7-7, after the debate I was just excited to have done it and super happy that it went that well, and didn’t even think about what the score was. We both thought a tie was the best way for the debate to end and it was great comparing our speeches, our notes, and our research after the debate was over and done with.

This project 100% made me think more about debate and put a lot more thought into what I say and how I saw it whenever I’m debating a topic with anyone, which I feel will benefit me in the long run, and in some sense, I feel that it already has. I’m definitely really happy to have done this project.

If you’re curious about my speech, I’ll link it here.

I hope you enjoyed this blog post!

Thanks for reading.