Power Play!

Hello, and welcome back to my radical blog! This blog post is all about my humanities project. This project is called “Power Play or how it Started”. The driving question that was to be answered by the end of the project was “what can we learn from the past and how is it relevant to us today”. For this project we went through many assignments that made up the project. Let me go through them!

The Book of the Lion:

The Book of the Lion was a bit of a challenging read, because it was set in the medieval ages when the crusades were happening. Personally, I wasn’t a huge fan of it because it was a very slow moving book with little conflict. However, it did help me find out more about what it was like back then.

The Great Law of Peace:

For this part of the project we learnt about the  Haudenosaunee society, a First Nations group still here today. I choose to write a blog post to show my understanding. Here is the link: https://www.blog44.ca/elsaw/2023/11/03/the-great-law-of-peace/ 

The Feudal system:

For this, we learnt about the feudal system. To show our understanding we had to use the evidence of our readings, to complete a window notes diagram.  

The crusaders dialogue:

Next we made a dialogue, to represent the two different worldviews of the muslims and the Christian’s. We used evidence from our reading to make a little skit about the crusades. It shows how the Christians were only doing it for fortune and clearing their sins, and how the Muslims were trying to get them to stop killing thousands of innocent people.  

The Tribute:

For this benchmark, we made a tribute/skit for a historically significant leader. My group chose to do our tribute on Queen Elenor. We made our tribute funny but still serious. It highlights how much impact Elenor had on feminism and empowering women. 


The Sketch and Tell:

For this we made a sketch showing how power can be gained and lost. But there was a catch, we weren’t allowed to use words! We had to represent all that without a single word!  

The Artwork Choice Chart:

Last but not least… The final product! We used an app called Arts and Culture to find specific images to insert into our Artwork Choice Chart. Then, we incorporated all of these images into our main painting.  


Thanks for reading all about my project journey! I learnt a lot and had a good experience! Hopefully you did too!

🎶It’s the end of the world as we know it!🎶

Hello! Welcome to my blog! Welcome to the one and only place to read about MY reflection on our latest humanities project! The driving question was something I didn’t really understand, but now I do! “How can a text help me understand myself as my worldview is changing?” It’s long and kinda confusing right? 

Well, let me break things down for you. 

The Outsiders:

The “text” is a book called The Outsiders (if you haven’t read it you should). While we were reading The Outsiders we had multiple breaks in between chapters, to discuss our opinions in the form of role sheets. Every time we had a role sheet due we would get together with with our groups and present our role sheets. 

The Mind Node:

As a benchmark for this project we used the app called Mind Node to create a brainstorming mind chart to get the general idea of our own worldview. We added seven bubbles branching of the main bubble labeled; My Worldview. Each branch was labeled one of the seven main aspects of worldview, geography, time, beliefs, society, values, economy, and knowledge.

MindNode mid map

The Meme:

Next I’m going to explain the Western Worldview Meme! For this benchmark we made a meme that explains the western worldview. We chose the famous “its fine” meme with the dog in a burning house. We changed the words to represent the western worldview.

The meme

The lyrics:

Next we had to craft the lyrics of our song. Using our notes from the outsiders and learning about worldview, we made the lyrics of our song about how going into high school would change our worldviews.

The song:

Last but not least…THE SONGGGGG!!!!! The song was the final outcome of the project where we used our world view notes to create the most radically awesome remix of the famous song called It’s The End Of The World As We Know It by R.E.M. We were paired into groups and we had to record, sing, and make a music video! How cool is that?! And after all that work here is the final outcome!

Thank you for reading my post, and I hope you now understand what this project was about! It was a really fun project and I learnt so much from it!

Becoming a PLP leaner!

Becoming a PLP learner


Hello! Welcome to my post! This post is all about my first maker project called Becoming a PLP learner. The driving question was “Who am I as a PLP learner?”. We did this project because it helped us become more immersed in the world of PLP! It took around a month to complete, and was very useful for a new PLP student (me). 

The project “Becoming a PLP learner” was a really fun experience that allowed me to get what it is like to be a PLP learner. It highlighted many skills using keynote, pages, WordPack and many more! In keynote we learned how to use the drawing tools to make fun things like custom sneakers, pumpkins, we used the colour fill tools to trace artwork, and we used the animations to make fun slideshows enjoyable for all! We also learnt how to use pages to write scripts and documents. Last but not least, we learnt how to use WordPack, to make fun shapes filled with words that described us. 

Although this project was very fun for me to do, with every good thing there comes a bad. Sometimes the tech wouldn’t work properly, or there was a glitch in the system, or I couldn’t record, and lots more. There were also many times when I had to redo or fix something because it didn’t meet the criteria. Every time I had to do that I got a little discouraged but through all that, I tried my best to make the most amazing finished product!

This project not only taught me about the many fun tools, and things you can do on an iPad, but also taught me the significance of using technology responsibly. It was a fun and good learning experience. I will also use all the information I gathered from this project for as long as I am in PLP!

If you want to read more about me click here! —> https://www.blog44.ca/elsaw/about-me/

Thank you for reading my reflection on my first maker project! 

The Great Law Of Peace

The Great Law of Peace : The Haudenosaunee people

                                                                                     Above: The Haudenosaunee flag

The Great Law of Peace, the traditional governing principles of the Haudenosaunee people (Iroquois Confederacy), still plays a significant role in how they live and make decisions today. Here are some ways how it influences their actions today:

  1. Decision-Making: The Haudenosaunee still use the principles of consensus and participatory decision-making in their communities. They value the input of all members and aim to reach agreements that everyone can support.
  2. Conflict Resolution: The emphasis on maintaining peace and unity remains strong. They often prefer diplomatic approaches and dialogue over conflict and violence, and this philosophy guides their actions in dealing with disputes.
  3. Sovereignty and Identity: They maintain a strong sense of identity and sovereignty, asserting their rights and working to protect their unique cultural and political status in today’s world.
  4. Environmental Care: The Haudenosaunee continue to follow their traditional teachings about respecting the land and nature. They believe in taking care of the environment and living in harmony with it, which influences their modern efforts in environmental conservation.
  5. Cultural Heritage: The Great Law of Peace underscores the importance of passing down their cultural traditions to future generations. Today, Haudenosaunee people actively work to preserve and share their cultural practices and stories.

In a nutshell, the Great Law of Peace still guides how the Haudenosaunee live, encouraging cooperation, peace, environmental responsibility, cultural preservation, and the assertion of their unique identity and rights. All theese things still play a big role in the way they live today.

Thank you for reading about my post on the Great Law of Peace!

My first ever post!

7 things YOU don’t know about Robin (not the bird)

By: Elsa

Welcome! This is my first ever post! My task is to get you (the reader) to get to know Robin. After this, you will be a master at knowing Robin. I have the great fortune of knowing Robin, for she and I are good friends. She has lots of pizzazz, and is fun to be around. She loves it when I make her ramen whenever she comes over to my house!

1. Favorite food

Robins favorite food of all time is Ramen! She loves the taste and texture of the noodles. If you add a little spice (not a lot) she’ll start worshiping you like a god!


2. Favorite movie

Her favorite movie is Barbie! She loves the humour and basically everything about it, but let’s be honest, who doesn’t? Her favourite character is Asian Ken because he’s the most radical Ken.


3. Something weird she does

Something normal for her but might be weird to others is her ability to randomly start talking like a cringe furry gamer girl😂!  (I also have the habit of joining her when she starts…)


4. Favorite Colour

Robins favorite colour is sage green! She really likes the overall aesthetic of the colour and she finds it calming to look at.


5. Favorite song

Robin is has been Swiftie for a long time so of course her favorite song is All Too Well by Taylor Swift!


6. Fav sport

Robins favorite sport is basketball because she’s just that cool😎! She played basketball for 2 years, starting at grade 4.

7. Favourite place to shop

Her favorite place to shop is Urban Planet because the prices are good (as good as they can be with all of this inflation) and there is so much variety to choose from!


Thanks for reading my first ever post!  Hopefully you are now a master at knowing Robin!

If you want to check out her blog and read more about me then click here!