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Hello and welcome back to my blog! Today I’m going to be talking about field hockey, my favourite sport! Now I have been playing field hockey for a very very long time. When I first got involved with field hockey I was only 7 years old. At first I was very bad, but I got motivated to get better. I did some extra practices to work on my skills. After about a year, I was ready to move on to a higher level. I went from U7 to U9. I was ready to show off my new skills. At that time I was 8 but everyone else was 9 and 10 which made me 100 times more nervous because they were all taller then me (everyone is) and I was very short (and I still am) plus I didn’t know anyone, which made it even worse. It was scary the first couple practices, but then a new girl joined. She was my age and we instantly became really good friends. It was great because we were at the same level. Till this day I am still friends with this girl. Her and I have been on the same team for 6 years and every year, the more people joined, the more fun we had. our team’s name was The Lightning. I loved my team so much and I wish we didn’t have to split up. This year is the first year that I am not on The Lightning; I am now on a new team called The Lions, with lot of new people that I am stilled getting to know.

There are lots of rules for you to learn, let’s start off with the basics. See the picture up there👆Right now it’s showing the back of the stick, you are NOT allowed to touch the ball with the back of the stick but you can with the flat side (which is on the other side). Now you have learned your first rule. Let’s learn some more.

You are not allowed to touch the ball with your feet. The ball can not go above your waist. You must be wearing shin guards,  a mouth guard and turf shoes. There are 10 players on the field plus the goalie. Each game has two halves and each half has 30 minutes.

A short corner is like a free hit, you get one when there is a penalty. For example: someone touches the ball with their foot within the D. The D is a half circle line around the goal, the purpose of the D is so you know where you can shoot. If you are in the D and you score a goal it counts. If you are not in the D and you score the goal will not count.

How a short corner works: there are four players in the goal with the goalie (they must be behind the line in the goal). The opposite team has 6 players standing along the D line to shoot on goal. There is one more person from the opposite team along the line of goal but at the edge of the D. They are the one that will be push-passing the ball to their team on the D. They have to bring the ball outside the D when they first receive it before they can bring it back in the D to shoot on goal.

There is something called a long corner which is when the ball goes out of bounds, you bring to the top of the D, the continue play.

There is some mandatory equipment. You need shin pads to protect your shins from feet, balls or sticks. Clothing wise you will need athletic wear for practices and a uniform for games, which includes socks that go over your shin pads, they will be given to you by your coach. You also need turf shoes. Turf shoes are like cleats but have more and smaller spikes. You will need a mouth guard because if the ball gets lifted at mouth height and you don’t have a mouth guard you might lose a tooth.  And last, but not least, you absolutely need a field hockey stick. This is a important because if you don’t have one then you can’t play. But it’s easy to pick one, the stick should be at waist height. And there you go you are ready for field hockey!

Hope you learned about field hockey. And if you have played field hockey before leave a comment and tell me about it. I would love to hear about your guys adventures though field hockey!!

And to add onto my obsession of field hockey. I have linked my blog that it completely about field hockey. So go check that our to learn some more. http://sheshootsandscores.weebly.com/

– Emily ✌️

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