Time is Money

Hello and welcome back to another blog post! Today I will be talking about our Scimatics project called Time is Money. In this project, we created a product or service to sell where we analyzed the income, costs, and time used to figure out if it would be a good service or not as a business prospect. 

Driving question: How can we predict our finances for the future?

Understanding and solving: Apply multiple strategies to solve problems in both abstract and contextualized situations. 

I think that I did a pretty good job with this competency because I had all my time, materials and equipment accounted for in the cost of making my product and performing my service. 

Communicating and representing: Represent mathematical ideas in concrete, pictorial and symbolic form.

My graph was labelled and explained pretty well, but I still I feel like I could’ve made is much better. Although I had everything I needed,, and overall it was pretty well done, I didn’t do the prediction for my NET earnings for more then three products.

Connecting and reflecting: connect mathematical concepts to each other and to other areas and personal interests.

I don’t think I did a very good job with this competency because my video could’ve compared my new business to other ones more. Plus, I didn’t really talk about if my business can cover my costs of living or operating and it’s sustainability on the environment or not. And in my video I didn’t do as much explaining as I could have done.

Overall, I really enjoyed getting to learn about linear equations and learning how to calculate your profit in a real-life business using those linear equations. And I do think my project did turn out pretty well. Although next time I’d like to add a little more colour to my explanations to make them more clear and understandable. 

~ Emily

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