About Me

What’s up? Welcome to my updated about me page; we have recently been tasked with updating our about me pages from grade 8. This post will probably be my last update on my blog since I’m leaving PLP next year, but if you want to read my blog, you can read some of my older posts.

My name is Erik Bergman, and I’m in grade 10, soon to be grade 11, at Seycove Secondary School. I’m in the PLP program, which stands for Performance Learning Program, which is essentially a program where we work using iPads and do a lot of projects hands-on with groups and involving technology

Now I will go over some of my interests and facts about me!

I have two dogs named Brerie and Kona, both golden retrievers. Brerie is three years old, and Kona is almost 1. I used to have another dog named Friday. He was 14 and one of the best dogs I’ve had.
Here are some photos of them:

Basketball is a huge part of my life, I have been playing since grade 7, but I’ve played very competitively these past two years. Since grade 9, I’ve played senior high school basketball which was very difficult, but it was a great experience preparing me for my senior high school years. I’ve been training with Team BC and numerous clubs throughout my basketball career, but most recently, VSC, a club based in Langley. It’s a long drive to practices, but it’s worth it for the level of competition
In the collage I made, you can see some of my basketball memories

Music is another part of my life; last year, I was in the 0.1 % of all Spotify listeners, which is low-key pretty impressive. Most recently, I’ve been very interested in R&B music; some artists in my rotation are Drake, Weeknd, Tory Lanez, and Bryson Tiller. Every once in a while, my music taste completely changes. For example, a couple of months ago, I was solely interested in hip-hop and rap

Since it’s my last year in PLP, I believe it’s only fitting to show appreciation to my teachers, who have imparted valuable knowledge and experiences throughout the program. They have taught me incredible things and guided me in using the iPad and its various apps and features. Throughout my time, I’ve particularly enjoyed learning how to utilize Super Impose X, create engaging movies and videos with iMovie, and enhance my organizational skills through Craft and Things. That said, thank you to all of the teachers who helped me progress through these years.