Hi I’m Erin, welcome to my blog! This post is about a recent project and unit we did in our PLP humanities class. The unit was about political views and parties. We got to make our own party with a group of people who shared similar political views. Our party was The Bright Party! We built up our knowledge to answer our driving question. How Should We Govern Ourselves? Keep reading to find out!

The Beginning!!!

One of the first things we did in the project was take a quiz that put us on the political spectrum. Depending on your political views and beliefs is where you will be on the spectrum. I was on the left, up side of the spectrum but still pretty close to the middle. Once we all knew where we were on the spectrum our teacher put us into groups. I was in a group with Josh, Julien, and Nya. We are The Bright Party!

Building Our Knowledge!!!

To help build on our knowledge, and basically make tasks like this blog post a lot easier, we made our own zettlekasten! What is a zettlekasten? That’s a good question. A zettlekasten is like a big filing cabinet where you keep a bunch of notes. When an idea comes into your head, or someone says something interesting, you right it down and add it to your zettlekasten. You write things down in three different kinds of notes. 1. Fleeting note: just grabbing quick information, short and simple. 2. Literacy notes: usually these come from fleeting notes. Literacy notes are a little more detailed and you source them. 3. Permanent notes. These come from multiple different literacy and fleeting notes. They are like one final big idea. You then take all your notes and link them together, to make and expand on bigger ideas. Everything connects!

The Bright Party!!!

The Bright Party!

Once we were in our groups we all started discussing what our party would be about. We created a statement of intent and a press release. We were working towards making a candidacy video for our party. We watched a lot of real running party’s videos and learned a lot about different roles in the government. We broke down different political party’s videos. Found similarities and differences, things we liked and disliked. This helped us get an idea on how we wanted to make our video.

The Bright Party Candidacy Video!!!

Our Video

How Should We Govern Ourselves?

During our everyday lives we see a lot of things on the internet, we see news stories and even read other peoples thoughts on different topics. Doing research well on the internet and finding out new facts can shape our worldview and add to our beliefs. When there is an election we all want to vote for someone who follows our beliefs. We all want the world to be what we believe it should be. We should govern ourselves the way we think is right, Which is different for everyone. We all have different beliefs and different worldviews. I think we should govern ourselves in a strong way to a bright future.

Thanks for reading! I hope you enjoyed, feel free to share your thoughts on this topic in the comments! Think you can do better? How should we govern ourselves?