Hello! I’m Erin! Welcome to my blog. This is a post about our last unit in humanities. This unit was about World War Two. After learning about significant events in the war we each got to pick a specific topic to do further research on and make a podcast about. I chose to learn more about Auschwitz Concentration Camp. I will explain and share my learning in this post. I am apart of a program at school called PLP. PLP is a project and technology based, fun way of learning. I hope you enjoy this post.

Hidden Chapters of WWII


To learn about World War Two we watched video documentaries, read books, took notes, and listened to podcasts. Watching documentaries really helped my understanding and retaining knowledge as not only was there someone explaining events but there was also video and images as well. Taking notes also helped with this as I was able to make connections to different significant events within the war but I also had work to look back on when I needed to. Listening to podcasts helped us with our learning as we were not only learning by listening but it was also helping us brainstorm about the podcasts we were going to make. We learned about different kinds of podcasts and listening to other podcasts helped us decide what we wanted to do in our podcasts.

The Cage

We were put into small groups and each group was given a book to read. I read The Cage by Ruth Minsky Sender. I really enjoyed reading this book, it was very good and interesting. As I read the book I was able to make connections as The Cage is about WWII. The cage is about a young girl named Riva and her family’s story during WWII. Riva’s parents were taken away and she had to become the guardian for her younger siblings. Riva and her siblings were sent to Auschwitz Concentration Camp. Reading this book helped me decide on the topic I wanted to research about for my podcast.


I chose to make my podcast about Auschwitz Concentration Camp. I did a lot of research and found that Rivas experience in The Cage was a very similar Reality to a lot of people during WWII. I learned about some of the events and significance of Auschwitz. Creating this podcast took some time. After gathering my research I made a script and then recorded. We did a couple of peer critiques in class and I re recorded a couple times. We did a class vote on our intro theme music and I added that along with background music to my episode. My episode is episode 12: The History of Auschwitz Concentration Camp. If you would like to listen to my podcast and my classmates podcasts than you can click this link right here. LINK.

How might we use stories to better understand the causes and consequences of WWII? We can use stories to help us understand and remember history. We can never forget history. We must learn from it. The stories from World War Two can help us understand the greater impact it had on the world. The impact it left. The causes of some of the separate wars that are still going on today.

I hope you enjoyed reading this blog post and listening to my podcast. I learned a lot from this unit and making my own podcast episode. Have great rest of your day!