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5 Trend Videos 🎥

Hola! For our most recent project In maker we created 5 trend videos, sort of like a TikTok or a Youtube Short! It was actually really fun to make so let me take you through the process of my videos and show you the end result.

To start off we created our own personal productivity systems, we did this in a number of steps . First we had to clear out and organize all of the clutter in our real lives, I did this by cleaning our my closet and re organizing it! Next we had to clear out and organize all the clutter on our devices, this included our e-mail inbox, photos, files, organize our calendar, email, things, etc.

Next we moved on to planning our trend videos, this included story boards and a template we needed to fill out stating what the video was, who was working on it, the title, and the inspiration, etc. We needed to make one start board and fill out one of these templates for each video – I feel like my  templates ended up pretty good although my story boards could’ve used some work. Let me show you how those turned out:

After the planning process was done we needed to create prototype videos or drafts of what our video was going to look like, this included filming and editing the drafts and using things like green screen or random objects that were used as placeholders for things that weren’t with us or for places that we weren’t at, such as our hotel the airport or merchandise – etc.

After we made our drafts and finalized our process it was time for us to head on our field study! Our field study was to Florida, and it was there that we filmed our final 5 trend videos. Some of my trend videos didn’t end up being filmed due to problems and changes with the schedule and actives! But I prevailed and changed up some of my ideas when I got back and started editing! Here’s what my final videos looked like:

Two of my videos weren’t embarking into this blog so I’ll link them here instead! Click here for my OOTD (outfit of the day) Video and here for my Florida photo dump video!

And that was my process for my 5 trend videos! Thanks for reading.

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