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Introducing R&R

Myself, Natalie, Zoe, Ben, and Rhiann have decided to start our own political party, the R&R party. R&R stands for Revise and Reform as we promise to revise our government structure so it is finally just and representative of ALL… Continue Reading →

Canadian Democracy: For Dummies

Hello again friends, it’s Izzy back again with another blog post. While this post is not a project reflection nor a weekly update post, it still includes lots and lots of learning, so don’t worry. To start off the school… Continue Reading →

The Media Goes Too Far

Hi everyone and welcome back to a reflective weekly blog post. This past week I wrote another essay, however, this one could be about anything I wanted. I gathered many of my previous notes from Craft together and formed a… Continue Reading →

Who Really Are The Moonies?

Hi everyone, welcome back to another blog post but this ones a little different…… Instead of reflecting about a random lesson I learned from the week this is much more academic. This past week we started a new mini unit… Continue Reading →

Surprise! Essay!

Hi Blog, I am currently writing this during my dedicated in-class essay writing time. Let me explain. This past week Willemse and Hughes gave us a surprise midterm essay to write. We got the prompt Thursday afternoon and it had… Continue Reading →

Education Can Become Emotional

Welcome back to my blog where today I’ll be writing about one of the struggles I faced during this past week of learning. This week we started looking at terrorism and different forms of terrorism throughout time. This is a… Continue Reading →

Music and Psychology

Welcome back to Izzy’s blog where today I’ll be writing my third weekly blog post of this unit. This week we moved away from turning points and decided to look at events in twentieth century history though the lens of… Continue Reading →

Phones: Yay Or Nay?

Hi friends, I’m back for another blog, but hopefully this time I will try to sound like less of a suck up. I swear I just like the project 🙂 In class we continued to look at turning points this… Continue Reading →

My Movie Bucket List

Hi everyone, it’s been a while since I’ve written here in word press but WOW, I have some exciting learning for you. In this last corner we’re learning 20th century history through multiple lenses them writing and collecting our own… Continue Reading →

Are We All Sexists?

Was William Shakespeare a raging sexist? Or was he just a very progressive feminist of the Elizabethan era? Ok so you’re probably very confused right now. Welcome back to another one of my signature reflection posts. This unit we studied… Continue Reading →

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