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A League of Significance

Hello everybody and welcome to Izzy’s first ever blog post as a grade 10. I’m sure you’re all very excited as this is a very significant event much like all the significant events we learned about in our first unit… Continue Reading →

My Brother Ate My Homework

Hey everybody and welcome back to another, you guessed it, exhibition post! That’s right it’s that time of year again when everyone’s homes are full of building materials, camera rolls are full of photos, and well, blog 44 is full… Continue Reading →

Izzy’s Growth (not height-wise)

Hi everybody, it’s that time fo the year again. Yes, you guessed it, tPOLs! Now this time I’m going to do things a little different. Normally I like to pick out 5 or so projects and bring up the small… Continue Reading →

The Great War?

Hi everybody and welcome back to my last humanities post of grade 9, woop woop we made it. You’re probably confused as to why there is a question mark in my thumbnail. Well, it’s simple. You see World War I… Continue Reading →

PGP; A Course of Significance

Hi everybody, now I know that most of the the time I speak about units I’ve just finished but the time it’s a little different. As I’m finally nearing the end of grade 9 my PGP courses coming to an… Continue Reading →

Clone Wars………….but not really

Our most recent unit in science was all about cloning, or more scientifically known as asexual reproduction. I understand that sounds weird but it isn’t, it’s actually really cool! Many organisms use a process called mitosis to make identical offspring…. Continue Reading →

A Minute Through Time

So after reading my title you are most likely very confused. I don’t blame you, I was trying to be creative. Anyways for our most recent project in humanities we made our very own heritage minute. Now if you’re a… Continue Reading →

Safety in the Workplace

So based off of this title you probably think this is going to be a pretty boring blog post. Well, I thought a similar thing when we started learning about this in the first place. However, I can 100% guarantee… Continue Reading →

The Matter Cycles and Ways to Save them

So for our most recent project in scimatics we got to learn about the matter cycles. This project was very connected to real world examples as we all leaned about each cycle and the ways we as humans have messed… Continue Reading →

Episode 4 of “Destination Imagination”

That’s a pretty fun video right? Well that was my Destination Imagination’s group performance at………PROVINCIALS! Now if you read my two blog posts from last year, first post, second post, then you understand that every year in DI not only… Continue Reading →

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