In this project, our task was to put the exponent laws into a card game that our peers could play.

The first thing to do if too figure out your theme, so what your card game is about for example sport cards. My partner and I decided on shapes and numbers on the cards instead of a specific theme. He is a picture of the cards we made before I explain the game.The game:

The game we created was super confusing even my partner and I are still a bit confused on the rules. The competency I’m going to use for this one is estimate reasonably. This worked well in our game because it was big numbers that you were reaching so without using a calculator you were just making an educated guess.

These are the exponent laws that we were to include in our card game and it had to be all of of them not just one which is why this project was pretty challenge and the card game we complete was so confusing.



Communicate and and representing

Explain and justify mathematical ideas and decisions*Represent mathematical ideas in concrete, pictorial, and symbolic forms. I did well with this competency because I am not going to spend a extra week at school, also I my partner and I had clear instructions on how to play and when each player has there turn.


Connecting and reflecting:

I did well on this competency because our game cards were neat tidy and easy to identify when playing the game. This is one of the more important things because if you can’t see your cards then the game is no fun.


Understanding and solving:

We could improve on this one because our scoring and points system was pretty rough and it went all the way into the millions when you were just tying to play a chill game of cards.



Reasoning and analyzing:

My partner and I could improve on this one because instead of using all exponent laws in the card game like instructed we only used three which mean we would have to re make the whole game with a new scoring system but we never really had a scoring system so that doesn’t matter.