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Week 5

I cannot believe that I am actually nearing the end of my final term on my PLP (and high school) journey. This week is the last week of our extreme groups unit, from now on our focus will be on… Continue Reading →

Branch Davidians

Recently, we have been looking at cults or as they are more commonly known as today NRMs or New Religious Movements. These groups are often religious or self help groups that exploit how the human brain works to gather members… Continue Reading →

A Country Created by Terrorism

Most of the time, when people think of terrorism they think of religious extremists. This is the most talked about form of terrorism; it started modern terrorism and is prevalent, continuing to this day. If you want to understand where… Continue Reading →

War, What is it Good for?

Music is a core part of culture around the world, it both shapes and is shaped by current events. This is especially prevalent during the 60s, and in this post I’ll talk about music’s involvement with Vietnam and how we… Continue Reading →

Connecting Ideas – One

This term we are using a brand new method of note taking called Zettlecasten. This is a method of note taking where you take and curate notes to link ideas. You start with fleeting notes which you normally take during… Continue Reading →

Viva La Revolution

Continuing in our investigation of terrorism, we looked at terrorism done under the name of revolution and in the name of god. We learned about this through two episodes of the documentary series which we are currently watching The Age… Continue Reading →

Essay (for linking in post)

Marriages Role in Gender Inequality  By Jamie Ball       Marriage is practiced in the majority of societies around the world and is uniquely influenced by the culture and ideals of the country in which it is celebrated. Marriage… Continue Reading →

Shrew You, final post

This was one of the toughest five weeks I ever had with PLP. Our project, one women’s rights throughout history and The Taming of the Shrew has been extremely draining for me. There has been a lot of writing throughout… Continue Reading →

Weekly reflection 4

As our project comes near it’s end we have begun to begin work for our final piece of work which will be an essay about everything we have learned so far. But that’s for week five so instead in this… Continue Reading →

Weekly reflection 1/2

It’s kind of hard to believe that it has been 5 weeks since I entered into Grade 12, not only my final year of High School but also my final year of PLP. Awaiting me at this halfway point is… Continue Reading →

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