Shore to The Core: Hee Hee Hee Haw

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The PLP 10s recent Shore to The Core project has just come to a close. Through text and visuals, this humanities project brought us back home, to North Vancouver. Let me tell you all about it. 

First off, lets talk about what we were working to create. Our final goal, although slightly altered throughout the project, was to create our own class zine with each of us featured on our own chosen topics. We were doing this for both our learning an because the Museum of North Vancouver (Monova) had become our client. Also for those who may not be familiar with the term “zine”, a zine is basically a form of text commonly comparable to magazines. After familiarizing ourselves with basic North Shore history, we began choosing our topics.

Originally, I wanted to do something related to culture and music as that tends to be my speciality and my main topic of interest; however, there was not much information regarding unique North Shore music making it very hard. But just before I was about to ditch this idea as a whole, Ms. Maxwell sparked an idea. She suggested doing radios, television and entertainment in the 50s as it was a time of prominent growth for both this and music in Canada. After hearing it, I was immediatly on board and set to work.

I first began with research which built my foundation of the topic. At first I didn’t know whether I wanted to talk about televisions as a whole in Canada or focus on a more local CBC station. The problem was that although significant in its own way, the CBC station in Vancouver was a bit too new and may not been enough to write a whole article about. Ultimately, I ended up combining both and after a few drafts and visual creation, I finished my 2 pages. Here they are:

So how did this journey my home reflect on my own personal learning? Lets answer this through the curricular competencies and big ideas:

Curricular competencies:

  • Communicate compellingly:¬†Through the writing process, create a compelling multi-paragraph composition.

Compelling is a subjective word. I believe I have made a compelling composition by telling a story through my 3 paragraphs however it is ultimately up to the reader to decide. I wrote my zine in a chronological formal manner however in a way I believe easy to understand using various literary techniques from alliteration to rhetorical questions I have learnt.

  • Establish historical significance:¬†Establish what is important to learn about the past

This can be highlighted in my 3rd paragraph. It talks both about its significance then and today by connecting the story to the reader and the people. I would rather you read or reread this paragraph to understand my learning.

Big Ideas:

  • Composition: Engagement with writing processes can support creativity and enhance clarity of expression

As mentioned before, multiple literary techniques was used. I had quoted sources to support my opinion and tried to use engaging stories to compel the reader to continue on.

  • Worldviews lead to different perspectives and ideas about developments in Canadian society

I touched on this briefly on my zine but as it was not the focus of my topic, I feel I should explain my learning better here. From the start, in our research, we had already begun to touch on worldview and this was not even the first project to do so. However, in the context of this project, we looked at how the worldview of our North Shore ancestors and how they changed Canadian society today. Our various topics looked at their story from innovation to discrimination all leading to the North Vancouver we know today.

I have only barely lived on the North Shore for less than 2 years so my knowledge of local history and facts was incomparable to locals all their lives. This project to me personally was not just a topic in humanities but a learning experience that allowed me to explore my own home. Thank you Ms Maxwell for this,

Thanks for reading, and good night!

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