The Power Of The Apple Pencil

      We have been learning about the power of an Apple Pencil, this fantastic and sleek device has a very sensitive tip on the end of it that connects to the I Pad  by blue tooth and it is a very useful tool that allows you to create amazing designs. The Apple Pencil is very nice to look at and apple claims that is feels like a real pencil. The Apple Pencil has a special sensor that detects movement on the screen. It can be used simultaneously with your finger on the screen. I have been using this technology over the last five months, it has a really nice feeling when you use it but that is just my opinion, you may find the feeling different. I have added a photo of the box of the pencil and the iPad.

      I have been very lucky to use the Apple Pencil together with the Apple I pad to do my studies and I have learned so much about technology and how to write well and blog, share links and make documents and advertisements. I am very excited for the future to see where this PLP program takes me in my education.

This is what the I pad and pencil look like in the box:

I have used this amazing piece of technology to create many pieces of art in class, we have labeled these assignments with the word “Milestone” and these are the pieces of art.

These are the MILESTONES:






We had one driving question, “How can we use to enhance to our learning?”

These are all the Milestones that we have been working on for the last three weeks. We have been using the Apple Pencil to create these, these are examples of what is capable with the Apple Pencil. I enjoy drawing and sketching and I have learned a lot from this unit that we have been doing. We used Sketches Pro to create our name art and it was really fun learning how to use the pencil. I had the other Logitech pencil before but have just got the Apple pencil🍎which works better and has so many more features.  Each off these projects may be small but they took a lot of time and effort to finish them. These will be part of something even bigger than just art.

We were being assessed on the competencies of empowered learner which means, How do I take responsibility for my own learning? This is what I have done taken responsibility for my own work.

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