Identity, a Jude D. post

Hey yall, Jude here. Recently I’ve gone back to school and started a new project on identity. One of the things I’ve been thinking throughout it, is what is identity?  To show my perspective on it, I want to show you want I think it is, and what it isn’t. In the image below I wrote down a definition of identity I think is true and a list of antonyms for Meriam Webster’s dictionary to show what I think isn’t.

Now I want to dive into my definition of identity and to do that I am going to show a bio poem I wrote in class.

Jude Quiet, Funny, Tired, Irresponsible

Son of Joel and Danielle

Loves to skate, Monster Energy and Wes Anderson

Who is sometimes lonely and anxious

Who dropped into a halfpipe

Hopes to become a film director

A resident of East Van


If there is one big thing which affects your identity I would say that it is how you express yourself and how you will be remembered. The list of antonyms in the picture I think helps with this point as it refers to the opposite of identity as conformity and conventionality which if you don’t have an identity for yourself and you can’t express as yourself then you will be remembered as someone that is conventional with nothing interesting or special.

I think another big thing is your worldview and your worldview. Your worldview can start by being similar to the worldview of your background. If you grow up in the city your worldview on the culture of farming is going to be completely different then someone who lives in more of a country or small-town setting, and your worldview on things like those can be apart of your identity.

To finish this blog post, I want to show you my identity with this double-exposed GIF of me and some big parts of my identity.


Aight y’all, see you guys in the next blog post.

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